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Hail the King Chapter 926.1

Chapter 926: Predesigned Path of Death (Part One)

The most direct reward for Fei was the immense combat experience with a demi-god. Now, the king had a rough understanding of demi-gods’ combat style and strength, especially toward the power of realms. This experience was significant and crucial for Fei if he had to battle demi-gods in the future and try to advance to the Demi-God Realm.

Next, Fei was now more proficient at switching between the various characters and combining their skills and power. In this battle, Fei used his Barbarian, Paladin, and Assassin characters that were all at Hell Mode level 100. The effect of switching between various types of skills repeatedly was great, and Fei had a better understanding of the terrifying power of the skills from Diablo World.

Of course, the most valuable reward was Reus’ demi-godly core power. When Reus’ body shattered, Fei clearly sensed that a streak of dominating energy appeared inside the [Throne of Destruction]. After Reus disappeared, this dominating energy slowly scattered in the area. If a powerful master died in the outside world, the core energy would gradually disintegrate into the primary natural elements and spread around the area. However, the space inside the [Throne of Destruction] was limited. Even though this streak of energy dispersed, it could still be detected as it stuffed the limited space. By now, Fei detected that the [Throne of Destruction] seemed to have the ability of advancement; it was slowly absorbing the pure essence energy. When Reus’ core energy was completely absorbed, the [Throne of Destruction] seemed to have changed a little. The volume of the fragmented godly power in the air slightly increased, and the vague engravings and patterns on the dented floor and walls got a little clearer.

“Could it be that the [Throne of Destruction] is in a damaged state, and it will transform into something surprising after absorbing enough energy?” Fei suddenly realized something. “If the [Throne of Destruction] completely restores its former glory, will it further increase my strength and suppress my opponents even more as well? Will it be that sick and insane?”

Fei stood up and walked around the [Throne of Destruction], and he confirmed his hypothesis after observing.

Then, Fei walked to where Reus disappeared. There was a faint-yellow cloth armor, and it was delicately made. It was inlaid with several perfect-tier magic gems, but the energy inside them were all used up. Also, it was clear that a female made this; a girl’s name was beautifully embroidered on it.

This was the last item that Young Lord Reus left in this world. It wasn’t a mighty treasure, but he kept it with him all this time. It was precious to him; perhaps it represented a remarkable romance and held special meaning.

Fei sighed and picked up this cloth armor.

-Dixie City-

Many people were nervously looking up at the clear blue sky.

Ever since the Alania Empire was re-established, the Capital of Alania had never been so quiet. Right now, only the howling sound of the wind and the light grinding noises of the fallen leaves could be heard aside from the racing heartbeats of close to one million people.

Inside the campsite of Chambord, Torres and his peers were the most nervous.

Although the king had left an impression of dominance and invincibility in these people’s minds given his long track record, and no opponent had previously troubled the king, it was completely different this time. Fei’s opponent was a demi-god, and masters on this level were rare to see; they were like monsters above the comprehension of mortals.

Everyone saw the battle prior in the sky. To a certain degree, the king was at a disadvantage. If the battle continued, he was most likely going to lose.

On the other side, those more than a dozen foreign Moon-Class Elites were also nervous. In their memory, their master had never battled an opponent for this long. Now, he even disappeared with his opponent. This was unheard of for them, and they wondered where he went.

Wait; there was only endless waiting.

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  1. Tlaos

    The last. Few chapters we’re quite good. I finally felt the pressure and intensity that I felt when I first picked up this LN where a small kingdom vs world. If there’s a cheat you best elicit 200% emotion behind it.

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