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Hail the King Chapter 926.2

Chapter 926: Predesigned Path of Death (Part Two)

At this moment, a blood-red flame flashed in the distant sky. About five hours had passed since the two masters disappeared, so no one knew what this red flame meant, and where the Human Emperor of the North and the young lord of Ormond had vanished to. No news was the best news for now; this was the only reason why the two sides had enough patience to wait. Since neither of the two masters appeared, it meant that the battle wasn’t over yet.

Undead Mage Hazel Bank frowned for a long time.

He guessed that the two masters went to battle in the mysterious void or the higher sky. Therefore, he wasn’t too worried about them disappearing. However, he was thinking hard and trying to figure out how Fei could win.

In the end, the Undead Mage arrived at one conclusion. If Fei didn’t have a god-tier combat weapon or the assistance from another demi-god, he was going to lose.

Time quickly passed by.

Just as everyone was about to lose their last bit of patience, and Torres and Hazel Bank decided to dash into the sky to find the battleground of the two masters, a mystical change occurred in the blue sky.

The space above Dixie City started to ripple like waves; it looked like something was going to appear.

This scene instantly attracted everyone’s attention, and loud chatters sounded in the area as if a volcano were erupting.

“Quick! Look over there!”

“What is appearing? Is the battle over? Human Emperor had won for sure! Humph! Where did this Ormondian come from? How dare he try to defeat the Human Emperor?”

“God Bless! Please! Bless the Human Emperor and make him win!”

“Who is going to come out? Don’t let it be that damn Ormondian!”

All Alanians kneeled on the ground, and they were sincerely praying. Even the young Emperor Leo kneeled on the square before the Royal Palace alongside hundreds of officials, and they all had their hearts in their throats. Also, Chambordians such as Torres and Hazel Bank were so nervous that they were suffocating. The dozen or so foreign Moon-Class Elites weren’t doing any better. This was the first time that they didn’t have confidence in their master in a battle.

In the sky, the ripples continued to appear like the surface of a lake in a wind.

This phenomenon continued for about 30 seconds, but it felt like three thousand years for these people. Finally, when the transparent ripples disappeared, a tall and handsome figure appeared in silence.

The long black hair fluttered in the wind like the waterfall, his eyes were cold and clear, and he was extremely handsome. His white royal robe looked as white as snow, and he looked like an ethereal god who was beyond the mortal realm.

Who else could he be other than the Human Emperor of the North?

Loud, tsunami-like cheers sounded in Dixie City. The Alanians were elated, and cheers and chants resonated in the air. Many Alanians hugged and cheered, let alone the Chambordians in the military campsite. They were celebrating like crazy.

“No! This is impossible! What is going on? Master, how…”

“Where is Master? Where is he?”

The dozen or so foreign masters paled, and they instantly got emotional. They couldn’t believe that their invincible master got defeated by a little king of an affiliated kingdom. Some of them even tried to rush up and attack Fei to avenge Reus, and some of them were anxious and fearful.

Fei waved his hand, and a powerful energy pressed down on the foreign masters, making them unable to move.

“This is the last item that he left in this world. You guys can bring it back.”

Fei placed the faint-yellow cloth armor that Reus left in the hands of a foreign master.

“Don’t be smug! The great Götze His Highness already designed a path of death for you! No one can escape from the calculation of Gotze His Highness. General Reus’ blood wouldn’t be wasted. Wait up, the King of Chambord!”

The foreign masters were no match for Fei. With Reus’ last item in hand, the foreign masters left in anger and hatred.

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