Chapter 927: Legendary Night (Part One)

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This was Fei’s first time battling a young lord, and it was coming to an end.

This battle came unexpectedly, but it was crucial for Fei. In not too long, the news about Human Emperor Alexander of the North defeating Young Lord Reus of Ormond was going to spread throughout the continent like a shock wave. All the forces and influential figures would have to re-evaluate Fei.

Of course, none of this was important to Fei.

The important thing was that the sense of danger in Fei’s mind grew even more intense, and his desire for more power increased as well. Except for leveling-up the other four classes in Diablo World and passing Hell Mode, he must focus on increasing his strength after maxing out at Hell Mode level 100. Fortunately, he learned that killing zombies and mutated demon beasts would bring mysterious pure energy and increase his power.

Since the expeditionary troop of Chambord was delayed in the last little while, the Undead Creature Catastrophe to the south of Dixie City had grown stronger. The other three southern provinces of Alania were in a dire state. The new Alania Empire created a troop and tried to venture into the south to save those survivors, but the result was tragic; many soldiers lost their lives there.

According to the information provided by the [Letter Office], Fei’s worst worry had occurred. The evil creatures created by Hell power seemed to be evolving, and more terrifying and advanced creatures appeared. These newly evolved creatures were powerful and had low-level intelligence. They could rival Star-level Warriors, and they had a strict hierarchy. In addition, they could coordinate with each other well.

“If this trend continues, a monster on the level of Lords of Hell might appear. If that happens, this might be done. The most terrifying thing about the creatures of Hell isn’t their strength; it is their spreading speed. If this evil energy spread on the Azeroth Continent without control, even gods couldn’t save this land!”

Fei was worried after getting the various types of information from the [Letter Office].

“It seems like I need to get on the road… quick! Damn it! The Undead Creature Catastrophe has appeared on the continent for so long! It is about to spread on the entire continent! Where are the members of the Holy Church? These fake people say that their primary mission is to get rid of evil. Why aren’t they moving? This is good too; no one is going to ‘rob monsters’ from me. Whatever, I can’t wait any longer. I have to leave tomorrow!”

Fei ordered the military to get ready; they were going to move out early morning and head to the south of Alania.

The soldiers of Chambord started to get busy in the campsite.

At the evening, Fei received the invitation of the young Emperor and went to the celebration party at the Royal Palace.

Before the party started, Fei stayed with his in-name disciple alone and taught the latter a little. Since the Royal Palace of Alania lacked masters, Fei selected ten Saint Seiyas of Chambord and made them Emperor Leo’s guards. They would stay here and be in charge of protecting the Emperor and training new guards.

When the party started, the entire Royal Palace was noisy and full of people.

This was Fei’s first time participating in this type of party after coming to Dixie City. This was also the nobles and influential figures of Alania’s first time getting this close to the creator of the new empire. When Fei appeared, loud claps resonated in the Royal Palace. People’s excitement towards Fei far exceeded their excitement towards Emperor Leo.

The Emperor and nobles gave most of the speeches. Fei disliked this type of events, so he quickly bypassed it.

Throughout the entire hour, Fei was undoubtedly the star of the party. He didn’t lack nobles, noble ladies, and beautiful girls who tried to strike a conversation with him by his side.

The men hoped that they could talk to the Father of the Nation for even a second. If that happened, they would be able to show off in front of their friends for the rest of their lives.

The women tried to demonstrate their beauty and wanted to be looked at by Fei. If that could further develop into something pleasurable, it would be perfect in their eyes.

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