Chapter 927: Legendary Night (Part Two)

In the fancy and luxuriously-decorated grand hall, people were chatting and toasting. The crisp glass-colliding noises rang all night. Wherever Fei went, a large group of people followed; he was warmly received.

This was the biggest celebration in the history of the newly-established Alania Empire.

At the same time, except for the main party which was happening in the Royal Palace, seats and tables were set up on the stairs and the square outside the palace.

People with good status all tried their best to get into this party. For people with less money and influence, they felt proud just looking at the party from afar.

The last row of tables on the square were the furthest away from the Royal Palace, and the people sitting at these tables had the least status. At one table, a few girls sat there with a lot of makeup, and they all wore fancy dresses. They were showing off their best side, hoping to attract the attention of a certain someone.

“Ah, I’m so envious of the noble ladies. It would be so awesome if we can enter the main palace and see Human Emperor once. With my youth and beauty, perhaps Human Emperor will like me!”

A girl who had cute freckles and was a little chubby cupped her face with her hands and looked in the direction of the noisy palace in envy; it seemed like red hearts were appearing in her eyes. She only had light makeup on, making her look unique and different out of all the women here.

This was only the dream of this naïve girl.

However, the other women who had heavy makeup instantly mocked her.

“Haha! Just you? Forget it, Jenny. You are the daughter of a little grain merchant; you should be thankful that you can participate in this party. How dare you wish to enter the main palace? It is like a toad wishing to eat swan meat! Haha!”

“Yeah, you are only a low-level civilian; you want to become a noble as well? Keep on dreaming!”

“Some dirty civilians believe that their chances are here after the re-establishment of our empire, and they are all trying to turn their situation around. However, it is what it is. How can they become nobles with a few small tricks and schemes?”

These vicious and mean women were all nobles when the previous Alania Empire existed.

After the new Emperor took the helm, except for promoting many people who he trusted, the old nobles who didn’t do anything terrible were also treated well to stabilize the situation in the empire. Although their noble status wasn’t inherited from before, they still felt proud about their bloodline, and they looked down at the new nobles and the civilians. Therefore, they complained a lot and behaved arrogantly.

This pure and chubby girl named Jenny represented the new force on the rise. Her father was a grain merchant, and his force wasn’t as impacted by the Undead Creature Catastrophe and got to reserve his strength.

Since this man was also far-sighted, after the northern regions of Alania were reclaimed, he tried hard to partner up with Soros’ Merchant Group and stocked a lot of grains and food. Since most of the food sources in the Alania Empire were stained and polluted, little grain was harvested this year, and the price for grain skyrocketed. With this trend behind him, this man’s status rose, and he became the person who many forces wanted to recruit.

However, for tonight’s party, even though he got the invitation and could participate, a civilian like him wasn’t able to enter the Royal Palace. He could only sit on the square and watch that heated power circle in envy.

This world treated bloodlines and hierarchies seriously.

Right now, Jenny’s father, Lewis, was sitting beside her.

He was a slightly-chubby, middle-aged man, and his face was white without a beard. With the typical gentle and humble smile of a merchant, he listened to the vicious and mean mockeries around him and didn’t react at all. However, streaks of light flashed in his slightly-squinted small eyes, showing his cleverness.

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