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Hail the King Chapter 928.1

Chapter 928: Killing and Elevation (Part One)

“These are evolved zombies?”

Fei looked at the monsters that were wandering in front of him; they looked very different from the zombies that he encountered in the northern region of Alania, and the king felt like he was in the sci-fi movie, Resident Evil, on Earth.

These zombies looked even more rotted, and their clothes were stained by dust. Their hair looked messy like dry grass, and their exposed skin turned greenish-black but had a metallic texture as if it were made from iron.

It seemed like these monsters were used to the sunshine, and they became more agile; they could move almost as fast as human joggers. More importantly, these evolved zombies were much stronger. Except for hardened bodies, their nails were sharper and dealt more damage. Fei saw the terrifying marks that the zombies left on the iron tower shields of the shield soldiers of Alania; those marks looked like sharp blades created them.

“The hell creatures are evolving faster than I imagined.”

Fei thought as he waved his hand, and more than a dozen Charged Bolts dashed into a herd of 100 zombies. The golden flames turned into a lot of holy power, and it dispersed into the surroundings and completely purified these monsters.

Then, the streaks of mystic and pure energy flowed out of the zombie corpses.

Fei waved his hand, and the energy entered his body.

“Huh? The energy that these evolved zombies release after death is much greater.” Fei came to this conclusion after sensing it carefully.

“If this is the case, should I let these evil monsters evolve further? Then, they will get more powerful and advanced, and I will be able to harvest more energy by killing them. If I get enough energy, advancing into the Demi-God Realm wouldn’t be a dream anymore!”

This alluring thought lingered in Fei’s mind for a while before the king got rid of it.

If he ignored these dark creatures of Hell and let them evolve, it was hard to tell what terrifying things would happen in the future. More importantly, ordinary people didn’t have Fei’s strength. Every time these dark creatures of Hell evolved, it was a nightmare for the people living in the region. Although Fei wasn’t a saint who always had others in mind, he disliked increasing his strength this way.

As he looked up, he saw that the fertile land in the southern region of Alania no longer had its former glory. As the dark power of Hell spread, the fertile land looked like it was burned, and even the wild grass turned grey and lost its vitality, looking like plastic. All plants withered, and even the soil and rocks turned grey. It seemed like the entire world had lost its luster and liveliness, becoming a land of death.

This was what the expeditionary troop saw after leaving Dixie City for half a day. Right now, they were only about 200 kilometers away from the Capital of Alania.

In the last seven hours of traveling, the expeditionary troop of Chambord and the military of Alania were attacked by many dark creatures of Hell, and some soldiers of Alania were severely injured and killed. If Fei didn’t leave many powerful Holy Power Seals in the air, these dark creatures of Hell would have started to move toward Dixie City since there were so many of them.

This was a disaster.

When the soldiers of Alania saw their peers who just died getting turned into zombies and standing up to attack them, they almost collapsed; it was a double strike, weighing on their bodies and their minds. If the Chambordian soldiers weren’t killing the zombies like mowing the lawn, and if the priests of the Black-Cloth Shrine didn’t use purification spells to raise morale, the battle legions of Alania might have been destroyed already.

Without a doubt, this was a unique war.

The human troops could only decrease in the number of soldiers that they had, but the number of zombies continued to grow. When a human died in battle, it meant that one more zombie was added to the legion of the Undead. Ordinary weapons couldn’t injure these creatures; only the destructive magic spells and powerful combat techniques could kill them.

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