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Hail the King Chapter 928.2

Chapter 928: Killing and Elevation (Part Two)

The mutated demon beasts were harder to deal with, especially the small ones. People could spot massive mutated demon beasts and be aware, but mutated mice, snakes, and even locusts were as fast as lightning and hard to defend against. Since they were small and moved in groups, they could hide in bushes and suddenly attack when humans weren’t paying attention. If a human were bitten by them, it meant that the legion of Undead would have another fighter in about 20 minutes.

When it was close to sunset, the troops camped in the wilderness. After doing roll calls and calculations, Alanians realized that they lost more than 5,000 elite soldiers out of the three legions. After thinking about the dark path ahead and potentially more terrifying monsters, the morale of the newly constructed legions of Alania started to drop in silence.

Fei’s sharp senses picked this up.

“The terrifying power of the dark creatures of Hell is far beyond our estimates; ordinary troops can’t battle with the legion of Undead. This can’t continue. Otherwise, these three human legions will all turn into zombie legions before we can even get into the territory of Anji. If they come with us, they will only be burdens; I will have to pay attention to them and care for them in battles.”

After Fei summoned the generals of Chambord and did the analysis, they quickly reached a consensus.

Before midnight, Fei asked a soldier to invite over Charles Adam, who was the head commander of the military of Alania. After reasoning with him, Fei persuaded the Alanians to temporarily pull back and exit this terrifying warfare that ordinary human troops couldn’t win.

Of course, the result of this decision was expected; Human Emperor Alexander of the North’s status and reputation among Alanians increased, and Alanians worshipped him even more.

-On the second day-

The Alanian troops backed off for 200 kilometers and almost retreated to Dixie City. They set up defense-lines and protected the Capital of Alania with the arrays that Fei set up and the Holy Power Seals that the king left in the area.

From now on, the expeditionary troop of Chambord was on its own.

In fact, Fei wasn’t an overly nice person; he cared for his soldiers more.

Although each of his soldiers was at least a Three-Star Warrior, and they had a dominant advantage over the zombies and monsters and rarely got injured, it was hard to say what would happen next in this war since things changed so fast. In order to prevent any unnecessary casualties, soon after Alanian soldiers left, [Black Pearl] and [Cyclops] landed and carried the expeditionary troop of Chambord tens of thousands of meters into the air, exiting the battle as well.

Going against everyone’s objections, Fei stayed on this land, that was licked by death many times, alone without a guard.

It was going to be Fei’s personal battle.

With everyone else gone, the king could finally unleash his unparalleled speed of killing. The power and skills of the Paladin existed to counter dark creatures of Hell, and Fei crushed the zombies and mutated demon beasts. By mid-night, Fei already moved forward for about 300 kilometers. The places that he went through were purified, and all the zombies and monsters were killed. To stop the dark creatures of Hell retaking the land, Fei set up a holy magic array every five kilometers.

The crazy killing increased Fei’s strength by a lot.

At night, Fei lit up a campsite on a hill and organized and summarized the reward for his half-day of work.

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