Chapter 929: Hope on the Land (Part One)

“The power of the Paladin sure increased a bit; it is about one-fifth the experience points of that in Hell Mode. Of course, I did kill a lot of monsters. This is because these dark creatures are still too weak…”

“Eh, overall, it is not bad. At least it proves that this method of increasing strength is safe and doesn’t have any side effects. If this speed can be maintained, my hope of advancing to the next realm won’t be a dream anymore. In about three days, my Paladin character will break through the peak Burning Sun Realm and step into the Demi-God Realm.

“After my Paladin becomes a demi-god, I will switch back to my Barbarian character!”

“After all, the Paladin’s individual combat strength, especially damage, is lacking. When I’m facing a powerful master, the Paladin can’t be as dominating as the Barbarian. Besides, I’m more used to the combat style of the Barbarian; I have been using this character for more than a year now.”

“Why do I feel like this scene is too similar to leveling-up in Diablo World? Am I hallucinating? Are there any connections between the real world and Diablo World? If there are, what are the connections?”

After summarizing the gains from the battle, Fei’s mind wandered to somewhere else.

The red campfire burned in the darkness and created a series of cracking noises. This fire brought a trace of light and vitality to this continent that was currently covered by darkness.

Fei thought for a long time but got nothing out of it. Therefore, he set up a defensive array around the campfire and entered Diablo World, starting to level up his Necromancer character.

At the same time, two giant Xuan’ge silently floated tens of thousands of meters in the sky. Like two eyes of a god, they monitored this land that was engulfed by darkness.

Time quickly passed by.

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The night was soon over, and the lonely and cold sunlight seemed unwilling to come back to this land that was devoured by darkness.

After training his spirit energy, Fei controlled the water elements and condensed rain habitually, taking a cold shower and relaxing for a bit. After having a casual breakfast, Fei stretched his back and started to kill monsters and ‘level-up’ in the real world.

A series of loud noises sounded from the surroundings.

This hill was already surrounded by a big herd of zombies and mutated demon beasts. They looked like a massive black flood. Since these creatures had low intelligence, they couldn’t sense the threat in the area, and they only had their basic instinct. Since last night, they smelled the odor of living beings, and they packed the field, not leaving out any paths to escape. If it weren’t for the defensive array that blocked the way, they would have charged up and started biting Fei.

“Hahaha! My luck is great! So many ‘experience points’ came to me so early in the morning.”

Fei laughed and snapped his fingers, and the defensive magic array that covered the area instantly lost its effect.

“Roar! Roar!”

“Hu! Roar!”

Without the barrier, the zombies and mutated demon beasts instantly rushed toward Fei like the water pouring out of a dam. The sharp nails and pointy teeth reflected chilling lights under the morning sunshine, and even the ground started to shake and whine under the steps of these monsters.

“Ah, what a beautiful morning. Sweethearts, thank you for gifting me so many experience points so early!”

As soon as Fei said that, he pressed his hands together in front of his chest. Like a saint who was mourning over the tragedy in the world, a faint flame started to burn on him. Then, this flame grew bigger, and more holy energy radiated from it.

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