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Hail the King Chapter 929.2

Chapter 929: Hope on the Land (Part Two)

Boom! When the nails of the monsters were about to scratch Fei’s body, golden holy flames instantly engulfed the entire area.

In the next moment, the monsters that were enough to scare people away whined and turned into streaks of green smoke. Like paper that was being devoured by flames, these dark creatures of Hell were killed, and streaks of mystical energy flowed out of their corpses like a transparent vapor, continuing to appear and permeate the air.

Fei exhaled a mouthful of turbid air and then deeply inhaled.

All the mystical energy dashed toward his body like birds going back to their nests.

In about four minutes, all the dark energy of Hell within a ten-kilometer radius was purified, and the ground finally restored its former color. The greyish-yellow dry grass finally started to turn green, and the breeze blew by, carrying a sense of freshness instead of the gloomy and suffocating pressure.

Fei finally finished absorbing the mystical energy in the air and completely merged it with his own power. While sensing the growth in his strength, he lightly breathed out and was about to do something.

Suddenly, he waved his hand and shot out a Charged Bolt.

“Eh? Who is it? Come out!” The Charged Bolt dashed toward a location behind him.

At this moment, Fei suddenly felt like something was monitoring him in the dark.


The ground cracked, and dust flew into the air while rocks and stones collapsed.

However, nothing strange happened after that.

Fei frowned and thought about something.

After a quick pause, he took a big step forward, and the golden flames flashed. Then, he appeared about one kilometer away.

After absorbing a lot of mystical energy, the strength of the Paladin increased. Fei finally vaguely sensed the pleasurable feeling of being able to advance and ascend. The laws of nature turned from a mushy, freehand abstract painting to a clear photo. The gate that was connected to the path to the Demi-God Realm in his heart slowly opened, revealing a thin slit!

This was the sign of advancing to the Demi-God Realm.

“My guess is correct! Although I don’t know how this type of mystical energy appeared, and why I am the only person who can sense and absorb this type of energy, my strength will continuously increase if I continue absorbing!”

Fei turned into a god whose mission was to eliminate evil, walking on the land that was engulfed by darkness and occupied by monsters. Wherever he went, the bloody crimes were exterminated, and light and brightness reappeared.

Human lives were extremely tough and persistent.

Although the southern region of Alania fell into the hands of zombies and mutated demon beasts, there were still people who were surviving despite the struggles. They waited and hoped for the brightness to reappear, holding on for dear life. Like cockroaches, these survivors were protecting the dignity of human beings with their insignificant lives

When Fei purified the evil energy, these people were all saved, and they were the ones who treated Fei like a god and worshipped him. In addition, they promoted and spread Fei’s stories around the region.

In a little while, the entire Northern Region of Azeroth learned that King Alexander of Chambord, who was also known as the Human Emperor of the North, was using his unparalleled strength to walk on the land that was stained by the power of evil. Like a god, he eliminated evil and calmed those souls who were controlled by evil, helping them escape tragedy and rest in peace. This man single-handedly saved the Northern Region of Azeroth and brought light back to the land.

Fei’s reputation was slowly increasing.

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