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Hail the King Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Huh? Where are the people?

                Fei watched Oleg’s performance and knew that this fatty really understood his thoughts this time and he nodded pleasantly.

He didn’t say anything anymore.

With a sudden thought, Fei placed a red sorcerer’s stone on the table in front of him and asked, “Come take a look, do you recognize this thing?”

“This is a low-grade fire elemental sorcerer’s stone.”

Oleg showed a little trace of surprise and honestly replied.

“Well, since you recognize it, then let’s talk about it. About the sorcerer’s stone, how much do you know?”

Oleg didn’t know why His Majesty suddenly started asking about the sorcerer’s stone, but he didn’t dare to neglect at all, and after a little thought he started replying, “The sorcerer’s stone is a magical stone rich with elemental strength, and according to the quality it can be categorized into low-grade, medium grade, high-grade, perfect and legendary grade. In the land of Azeroth, a sorcerer’s stone was a symbol of wealth above gold and silver coins, especially to the many sorcerers and warriors. A sorcerer’s stone’s worth was above coins, because sorcerers could use its elemental power to enhance their magic stats, build magic arrays, make magic scrolls and equipment, and warriors could extract the elemental powers to enhance their energy storage capacity and the speed at which their energy was condensed into star levels…”

“Oh?” Fei was surprised for a second and then said, “Then according to what you said, warriors can also use their magic stones to increase their energy level?”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

“Well… Okay, tell me more about the different grades of sorcerer’s stones. Can they achieve a certain percentage of conversion rate among them?”

“Of course, your Majesty, the Sorcerer’s Stone’s quality is mainly dependent on the level of energy it contains. Generally speaking, a medium-grade sorcerer’s stone’s elemental energy storage is 100 times low-grade ones, and the high-grade is 100 times the storage of the medium grade, and perfect-grade has 100 times more storage than the high-grade storage. Of course, that’s just a general standard.”

Oleg was very slow with the explanation, trying his best to make his answer seem detailed.

“… the conversion ratio between different ranks of the magic stone originally follows the ratio of 1:100 too, however, most of the time, because the quantity of higher quality magic stones is relatively less, things usually can’t be measured buy the amount of energy contained, and higher grade stones can be traded for a little over 100 lower grade ones. In the case of some special events such as an outbreak of war, high grade sorcerer’s stones can be used to make large magic scrolls, and with increased demand during war, sorcerer’s stones of different grade’s conversion rate can go up to 1:150 or even 1:200.”

Fei suddenly felt incredibly happy.

His previous guess was verified, and that meant his plan could also be successfully implemented.

Clearly, the so-called low, medium, high, perfect, legendary grade 5 types of sorcerer’s stones respectively corresponded to the Diablo world’s [Chipped Gem], [Flawed Gem], [Regular Gem], [Flawless Gem], [Perfect Gem] five types of gems. But in the Diablo world, every tier of gem could be upgraded at the conversion ratio of 3:1. Then, Fei just needed to find [Horadric Cube] at [Lut Gholein]’s Halls of Dead, and then he would be able to freely upgrade high grade [Perfect Gems], and then take advantage of the giant difference in conversion rate between the real world and the Diablo world to acquire huge profits.

“In our Chambord city, are there any channels for exchanging sorcerer’s stones?”

Fei tries to suppress the excitement in his heart and continued asking.

“Your Majesty, the exchange of sorcerer’s stones can indeed be performed in some large business market groups, but Chambord city is relative remote, so very few large trading groups would come visit us here. If we want to exchange sorcerer’s stones, we must send out a trade team outside to initiate contact.”

“So, now there’s no channel readily available for sorcerer’s stone trading?” Fei was a little disappointed.

“Let me think… Yes, there is a way, you can do it at the Holy Church, but it is generally open to the people outside of the Holy Church.” Oleg thought for a while and said.


Fei’s eyes suddenly brightened up.

An idea suddenly came to his mind.

“Alright, you are dismissed… Oh right, the transformation process of the underwater prison should be appropriately accelerated, but we can’t let the soldiers and blacksmiths feel too tired. Remember, on the food and pay side of things for our people, we must not dissatisfy them. As for what to do in detail, I think you know very well already. If you get me trouble, watch how I beat your a-s.” Fei smiled and said.

Oleg was also a smart man, and he knew that His Majesty smiling and swearing at the same time meant that his Majesty was quite satisfied with his performance these days, so he nodded, respectfully bowed, and turned around and exited the hall.

Fei sat quietly and thought that since there was nothing that he needed to take care of here, and since it was also about time, he simply ordered the guards to hold the stone hall’s entrance to prohibit anyone from entering, and then directly opened the portal and entered the Diablo world.

Diablo World.

Deep inside the [Dry Hills] outside of [Lut Gholein].

[Halls of Dead]’s third underground floor.

Fei brought beauty mercenary Elena and finally came here again.

[Halls of Dead] was an underground tomb, and its layout was somewhat similar to the underground at the back mountain of Chambord City; it was also a buried underground stone maze, but it was much more gorgeous and magnificent than the one in Chambord city. Here there was a long corridor, and the walls of the corridor were engraved with some fuzzy murals, telling of the prosperous ancient times. In addition to the murals, there were giant pillars everywhere. On the secret chamber’s door were some carved strange magic characters, and the power of the elemental magic was somewhat hidden and present; with just a little touch the door would sink into the ground with a loud noise, revealing the internal space of the chamber behind the stone door.

Fei had a health potion bottle in his mouth and used himself as a meat shield to block off the chamber’s entrance, preventing the mass of monsters inside from coming out as he waved the giant axes in his hand. The frost bolts were also fired from Elena’s hands through Fei’s hair and accurately landed on the monsters in front of them.

The two had already cooperated with each other in this kind of environment many times and had long been familiar with this place. A glance and an action was all they needed to produce numerous sparks, and that was the so-called best partners.

Under such cooperation, the chief boss [Blood Witch the Wild] finally couldn’t hold anymore, wailed and sprayed out blood, and then fell into the pool of blood on the ground filled with resentment.

And as she fell, a light “ding dong” ring was heard, the light gold color shined, and a dark gold box with a mysterious pattern engraved appeared on the ground, flashing a dizzy and mysterious grey light.

“It’s the [Horadric Cube]!”

Fei was overjoyed, as he ignored the gold equipment and 3 blue equipment that were also dropped. He went up and picked up the [Horadric Cube] as if he picked up a peerless treasure, carefully checked it back and forth, and then he finally calmed down.

Judging from the outside, [Horadric Cube] was a box forged with dark steel, 20 cm in both length and width, and the body of the box was covered up with dark yellow color metal bands, forming ancient and simple patterns, like a vine wrapped around the box. It looked very heavy, at least about 3 to 4 pounds, but in Fei’s hand it felt as light as a feather.

Fei quickly opened the [Horadric Cube], and inside the box was another dimension, with 12 spaces with 3 in width and 4 in height, just like the computer game from the past.

He couldn’t wait and got the long prepared 3 [Chipped Gems] from his bad, closed the box, then pressed the palm of his hand on the S-shaped pattern at the top of the box and injected a little magic power into it.

An indescribable sound of nature came to their ears.

When they reopened the box, the magical upgrading effect of the [Horadric Cube] really worked, Fei just saw that the three [Chipped Gems] that were originally placed inside the box had turned into a [Flawed] Gem, and from the appearance point of view it was much better than the [Chipped Gems], and the elemental energy contained inside also achieved a vigorous growth of 100 times… The legendary artifact [Horadric Cube] really worked!
Fei felt greatly assured.

This marked that his money-making plan had completed more than a big half.

Now that they got the [Horadric Cube], Fei is no longer in a hurry to complete the next missions on the list, he already adjusted the future leveling strategy, so he took Elena directly back to the [Rogue Encampment], then shut himself in his temporary tent, and began the “gem synthesis plan”.

During the process, Fei quietly opened the portal numerous times, coming back and forth out of the Diablo world and the real world over 30 or 40 times, using the Barbarian’s inventory space and took more than half of the sorcerer stones that Zola contributed before into the Diablo World, and chose a portion of it to start the synthesis process.

After about half an hour later, Fei finished synthesizing 10 [Flawed Gems], 10 [Regular Gems], 10 [Flawless Gems] and 2 [Perfect Gems], and then he sold the rest of the [Chipped Gems] at Akara’s place, receiving a total 50,000 gold coins in total, and together with the 30,000 gold coins he accumulated previously, now on Fei’s Barbarian character there was actually a large sum of 80,000 gold coins.

“Muahahahaha, I’m rich, I’m rich!”

With the money, he could purchase a set of super armor and powerful weapon equipment from senior NPCs at [Lut Gholein], and that way, the strength of the Barbarian character would absolutely instantly grow one or two times.

In the thought of excitement, without the slightest hesitation Fei directly walked out of the tent and found the Blue Cloth Warriv at the encampment, and was about to pick [Go East] towards [Lut Gholein]…

Just at that moment, a timid voice suddenly came to his ear.

“Sir Fei, please wait!”

“Sir, we also want to go visit [Lut Gholein], can you take us with you?”

“Yes, sir, please bring us, we promise that we won’t bring you trouble, we will only tour around the streets and see the style of the big city…”

More than a dozen young and beautiful female rogues flashed their big eyes and surrounded Fei, frequently flirting with Fei with their eyes. Last time these girls were surprised to find that Warriv could actually take someone and teleport them to the desert pearl [Lut Gholein] thousands of miles away, avoiding the two months of travel, and they were all extremely excited and all wanted to go tour around in the big city. But it turned out that Warriv’s teleport ability was actually useless to them, so they had no choice but to go ask Fei to take them.

Fei was completely trapped buy these beautiful women’s flirtatious eyes.

“No problem, I will take you guys, hahaha…”

So, Fei agreed to the requests of these rogues, and after talking to Warriv, he picked “Go East”. After a white light, Fei disappeared in front of the rogues’ eyes, but… these female rogues all looked at one another, and were stunned at the same spot.

[Lut Gholein].

“Hahaha, we are here. You guys can walk around in the city, but remember, do not go to the sewer or leave the city. All the monsters are very powerful, and you guys will be no match for them… Uh? Where are the people?”

Fei was just talking, but when he turned around to look, there’s actually no one standing behind him.

What happened?

Uh… Did those female rogues suddenly changed their mind and not come anymore?

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