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Hail the King Chapter 930.1

Chapter 930: Stepping into the Demi-God Realm (Part One)

Even Fei didn’t realize that his reputation was increasing at such a drastic speed as a result of his killing of monsters in the real world. Right now, his fame already surpassed the emperors in the Northern Region of Azeroth. Even Emperor Yassin who advanced into the Demi-God Realm in high profile was gradually being covered by the light emitted from the Human Emperor of the North.

The terrifying power of Undead Creatures Catastrophes deeply rooted in humans’ minds. Even demi-gods who people looked up to could only kill undead creatures but couldn’t purify the land that was already stained by the evil energy. Therefore, when Fei appeared and was able to clean the evil energy like the counter to evil, the people living at the bottom of the social ladder sensed a sliver of hope, and that was very different from no hope at all.

Quickly, three days passed by.

Today, something shocking happened in the Northern Region of Azeroth.

A streak of holy and grand power surged into the sky. This beam of energy was hundreds of kilometers tall, and its diameter was more than ten kilometers. Looking from afar, it seemed like a god dropped a holy sword from Heaven, and it fell to the mortal world and stabbed into the ground. In the region with a radius of hundreds of kilometers, all other elements were repelled, and only holy elements remained. The warriors and mages within the area felt like a majestic and powerful god was looking down on them, and their powers were suppressed so much that they were going to disappear soon.

“This phenomenon… Are the priests of the Holy Church casting a holy forbidden spell?”

“Such terrifying power. This isn’t something that humans can have. Could it be that a god is descending from Heaven?”

“No! This should be… someone is advancing into the Demi-God Realm! This is nature’s challenge of the holy elements!”

“Ah! I know! It must be the Human Emperor of the North! His Majesty must be advancing to the Demi-God Realm! Only His Majesty can create such a majestic scene!”

“Bullsh*t! Are you dumb? Human Emperor His Majesty already defeated that demi-god from another region of Azeroth ten days ago. It means that His Majesty was already a demi-god then; how can he be advancing…”

“Ah? Then, how can you explain this?”

“Hehe, I think that Human Emperor His Majesty is killing the criminal behind this Undead Creature Catastrophe! This criminal should be a terrifying undead mage! No! He should be a horrifying demon lord of Hell! That is why Human Emperor His Majesty is using a forbidden spell, and it caused this phenomenon!”

At the same time, within the region with a radius of hundreds of kilometers, much gossiping and speculations were occurring.

In the last while, Fei had accumulated quite a reputation in the Northern Region, and many people treated him as a god and worshipped him. Almost everyone who heard of Fei’s name would give him a thumbs-up, and people would talk about the Human Emperor of the North for more than a day when they got together.

Therefore, as soon as such a phenomenon occurred, people instantly put it on Fei.

At the same time, the aura of this thick beam of terrifying golden energy permeated the air, spreading all over the continent. Those old monster-like hermits and talented young lords were all startled!

“Someone is advancing into the Demi-God Realm!”

“There have been people stepping into the Demi-God Realm repeatedly. Could it be that the laws of nature have been altered?”

“Another one… is the Chaos Era starting now? It seems like it is unavoidable!”

“Haha! Come! The stronger the better! I can’t wait! My blood is boiling already!”

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  1. hello_everyone

    Wait, Reus didn’t go through nature’s challenge and advanced to Demigod straight in the middle of combat while Fei has to, that’s kinda unfair.

    • Echo

      No, you are wrong. In a lot of wuxia novel character won’t show their real power until the last minute. Just like playing cards. You need to keep trump card against many opponent. Reus already a demigod, but he is keeping it secret.

    • Nuex Mark

      you’ve understood it wrong Reus was a demi-god to begin with when they started battling he just kept it hidden and unleashed it when he was cornered

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