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Hail the King Chapter 931.1

Chapter 931: Undead Capital (Part One)

With Fei’s strength, this speed was a bit too slow; this was because he was using his Barbarian character in the last three days.

Most of the skills of the Barbarian were meant to be used in one-versus-one combat; there weren’t many group attack skills. In addition, the power of the Barbarian couldn’t purify evil energy, so Fei’s pace was delayed. Until today, Fei had gotten the amount of mystical energy that was equivalent to 30 percent of the experience points needed to fill up the experience bar of Hell Mode level 100. It was a big reward.

“The Royal Family of Anji is ruthless. They didn’t even let go of their own citizens.”

Fei looked around, and all that he could see were the grey, deadly land that seemed to stretch into the horizon, the stone-status-like plants, and the zombies and mutated demon beasts that were wandering around. In fact, there were also many skeleton soldiers that were making bone-grinding noises while walking around with bone sabers. It seemed like the skeletons that were buried underground for dozens of years were stained by the dark energy of Hell, and they were turned into skeleton soldiers and crawled out of their graves to cause destruction.


Suddenly, a beam of red light dashed down from the sky and shot toward Fei

A red hummingbird!

Fei took out the intelligence report from the storage ring on the bird’s neck, and he sighed after reading it.

The Anji Empire was done.

Since the Undead Creature Catastrophe was blocked off from the north due to Fei’s arrival a month earlier, the undead creatures couldn’t break through and focused all their attention on the south. As a result, they became undefeatable for the troops of Anji, and the zombies and mutated demon beasts destroyed this dominating force that was on the rise.

Now, it was hard to determine if the Royal Family of Anji were behind this Undead Creature Catastrophe, but one thing was for sure; the Anji Empire was now in history. The members of the Royal Family of Anji were either eaten by zombies were turned into zombies. According to the investigations of the [Letter Office] and other intelligence networks on the continent, there were almost no living beings inside the territory of the Anji Empire.

Fei gasped when he saw the report.

Although the Anji Empire didn’t have a firm foundation due to its rapid expansion in a short time, it had at least tens of millions of citizens. Therefore, it meant that there were at least tens of millions of dark creatures of Hell wandered the land in front of Fei. If counting the skeleton soldiers that crawled out of their graves due to the hell power and the large number of animals and insects… the number of undead creatures would increase by many folds.

This was the terrifying thing about Undead Creature Catastrophe. Like the plague, as long as there was life on this land, it can easily spread to every corner of the continent.

Besides, this Undead Creature Catastrophe was different from prior incidents. The dark energy of Hell was many times more powerful than undead energy; even the priests of the Holy Church had a hard time purifying this evil energy.

“Since the Royal Family of Anji is crushed, I wonder if I can still find some clues in the Capital. I can’t delay it anymore; I need to get to the Capital of Anji and figure this out as soon as possible!”

After thinking for a bit, he decided to speed up and get to the Capital of Anji.

However, before leaving, he had to set up some bright magic arrays by the border between the Anji Empire and the new Alania Empire; he had to prevent the Undead Creature Catastrophe from spreading back into the north.

After doing all that, Fei suddenly detected something when he was about to leave. With his sharp eyes, he glanced back as his spirit energy rushed out into the area like waves. However, he was soon confused.

“This is so strange. This isn’t my first time feeling this strange sensation; there seems to be something monitoring me. I tried several times, but I didn’t discover anything. With my current strength, even demi-gods can’t get within 1,000 meters of me without me noticing. What is going on?”

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