Chapter 932: Strange Situation (Part One)

“How come a group of people like them is here? What are they looking for? Let me follow up and see.”

Fei followed these 12 masters without making any noise; he detected some information from the conversations between these people.

It seemed like these people wanted to find something valuable in the Royal Palace of Anji. It was clear that this team was put together on a temporary basis. The members were all mighty and dominated over regions, but they didn’t coordinate that well. Despite all that, the people who invited them to join the team were influential, and three of the members were priests of the Holy Church who were at the Sun-Class Realm. People like them could be ranked higher than Red-Robe Deacons in the Northern Regional Church. The fact that they appeared here was mindboggling.

“Could it be that they are after the wealth of the Royal Family of Anji?”

Fei quickly followed along and continued to guess. He heard that the Royal Family of Anji stored all the natural treasures, godly herbs, great weapons, and magic crystals that they took by force at one place.

Could it be that these people were after these treasures after knowing that the Royal Family of Anji got wiped out by the undead creatures?

This was one possibility.

After all, the wealth of a nation was enough to make many people jealous, and they would take great risk to get it.

In just the blink of an eye, this group of people got close to the Royal Palace of Anji.

The Royal Palace of Anji was magnificent. Firm and tall defense wall wrapped around the grand buildings; ordinary masters would have a hard time breaking in. Inside the Royal Palace, there were many statues of gods and other creatures, and fancy buildings were everywhere, looking like the paradise where the gods lived. Unfortunately, such a majestic place became a fun park for undead creatures. On the square outside the Royal Palace, many zombies were wandering around as if they were patrolling the land; they looked like a black flood.

This group of zombies was terrifying; these zombies were all evolved, and their individual combat strength reached Moon-Class. Even if a Sun-Class Lord came here, death might be unavoidable in front of this group of monsters that were fearless and didn’t know how to back off. The only thing that these zombies lacked was intelligence, and they didn’t comprehend laws of nature so that they couldn’t fly. Otherwise, the entire continent would be in big trouble.

“Let’s talk about it. There are about three hours before dark, so we don’t have much time left. We should enter the Royal Palace of Anji tomorrow at noon. The blazing sunlight can suppress undead creatures a little, and their strengths would increase by many folds at night. Even if we can find that item after going in today, we will be in great danger if we couldn’t instantly make it out!”

Out of the 12 people, a middle-aged man opened his mouth and said slowly. He was thin, and his eyes were squinted, making him appear clever.

His reasons made sense, and most of his peers nodded and agreed with him.

“No! We have to enter right now!” A priest who was wearing light armor and had blond hair shook his head and objected. “This city is filled with evil creatures, and they are evolving every second. If we stay the night here, more trouble and issues might arise. Also, we have a map of the Royal Palace of Anji. As long as we are fast, three hours are enough for us to complete the mission. Besides, the magic energy that is preventing zombies and other undead creatures from smelling our odor can’t last until tomorrow noon!”

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