Chapter 933: Shocking Change (Part One)

Blond, curly-haired Priest Andy said to others fearlessly; he was calm and not afraid at all.

“Yeah, we don’t have much time left. Since we are already here, it doesn’t make sense to back away now. Let’s step up our game and get that item today!”

“We will walk in the very front; you guys only need to follow up and guard our backs.”

The bald priest and the baby-faced priest with wrinkles said to the hired masters before walking to the front.

Others couldn’t do anything but follow.

If they backed out now, time and resources that they spent so far would be wasted. In addition, if these three priests of the Holy Church got injured or died, they would face the judgment of the Holy Church and potentially be hunted down.

In the blink of an eye, they already moved forward for more than 1,000 meters.

The godly-looking main palace where Emperor Kerimov stayed in before was very close to them.

“Look up ahead! I told you that there is no danger…” With a smile on his face, the blond, curly-haired priest who walked in the front urged the team without looking back, “Let’s speed up! Very soon, we will…”

Before he could finish speaking, a black flame flashed behind him, and several gasps sounded. Everyone put up their guard, and they instantly spread out. After calming down and looking around, they found that four of their peers disappeared.

“What happened? Where are Cust and others? What is going on?” someone roared in anger.

“That was…” The middle-aged, clever-looking master frowned and recalled what happened. After thinking for a bit, he said, “It seemed to be a magic teleportation array. Cust and other three got teleported away… Damn it! How could this happen? That power was clearly undead energy. How can there be undead magic arrays?”

A total of 12 of them came in, and five of them were already gone within the first 20 minutes of entering the Royal Palace of Anji. Those five people were all powerful masters who dominated over regions. This situation was bizarre, making the atmosphere a little chilly and terrifying.

-Further away-

Fei had been following them at a calm pace.

He saw that dash of black flame; the king was sure that it was a mystical teleportation magic device. Even Sun-Class Lords who were pulled into it couldn’t escape, and those four people were teleported somewhere.

It seemed like the complexity and secrets hidden in this Royal Palace were beyond Fei’s estimates.

From further away, Fei saw the remaining people arguing about something. After a while, that middle-aged, clever-looking master and a man who was 1.9 meters tall turned around and left, no longer continuing the exploration and going deeper into the palace. The other people cautiously dashed toward the main palace of the Royal Palace of Anji with the three priests in the center.

Fei paused for a second before following the group with priests.

Nothing else strange happened along the way, and that calmed down these five people.

Soon, this group of people arrived at the main palace of the Royal Palace.

It was less than one hour away from sunset.

This group of people didn’t stop at the gate of the main palace and quickly got through the corridors and the stairs. Without hesitation, they dashed into the gates that looked like the bloody mouths of horrifying prehistoric beasts, getting engulfed by darkness.

It was quite dim inside the main palace.

A nose-piercing, disgusting odor permeated the air, and black bloodstains could be seen all over the smooth, silver floor. In fact, the blood even splashed onto the walls and stone pillars in the palace. However, the bloodstains already dried up. They looked like black abstract paintings, and they also seemed like eyes that were observing what was happening inside the palace. It was silent in here, and the atmosphere was horrifying.

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