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Hail the King Chapter 934.1

Chapter 934: Master Behind the Sudden Change (Part One)

This iron-tower-like figure who blocked the woman in red’s escape path at the entrance was the person whom the Undead Black Knight sneak-attacked and killed when the team just entered the Royal Palace of Anji.

Now, he was ‘alive’!

The only thing was that this tall and muscular man had a new look. He was now wearing black iron armor from somewhere, and the armor wrapped around his chest and waist so tight that it seemed like it was grown on his skin, completely covering the bloody hole at the location of his heart. His arms and legs were full of cracks, and so were his neck and face. Since his skin now looked as black as iron and had a metallic texture, at the first look, he appeared to be a toy doll that a terrible craftsman created by placing different parts from different dolls together.

Right now, he was engulfed by the black mist, and a vicious red light flashed in his eyes.

This person had completely fallen and became a warrior of death.

The most terrifying thing was that from how he moved, this man who ‘revived’ still kept his combat strength and battle instinct from when he was alive; he was extremely terrifying and was now a Sun-Class warrior of death.

“What happened?” Stunned, the busty woman in red looked at the three priests who were smiling wickedly, and she seemed to have understood something. With shock in her eyes, she murmured, “You… are priests of the Holy Church. How could you…cooperate with the undead?”

“Priests colluding with the undead? How can this happen?” the busty woman in red thought to herself, but no one could answer this question.

This news was bizarre and shocking; the entire continent would be stunned if this news got out, and huge waves would surge up.

The busty woman in red was experienced. After the short shock, she knew that she and her peers stepped into a well-prepared trap from the beginning. If this continued, she was dead for sure.

This woman screamed, and her body shook. Instantly, 20 to 30 red figures appeared, and they dashed toward all directions. They each looked real and perfect; it was impossible to tell them apart and spot the real her.

This technique was named ‘Pinocchio’s Lies’, and it was this busty woman in red’s signature combat technique. It was used for escaping, and it saved her many times. Even if she were surrounded by two to three masters on her level, she was confident that she could get out. Right now, since she was in a dangerous situation, more of her potential was stimulated, and red shadows flashed in the palace. They were as fast as bolts of lightning, and it was hard to tell how many of them were there.

“Hahaha! Hahaha!” the three priests laughed hysterically with wicked smiles, but they didn’t do anything or try to stop her.

It seemed like this busty woman in red was able to escape in the next moment, but a series of roars sounded from the floor of the palace. Then, warriors of death similar to the one that this woman in red ran into appeared by every window, side door, and main gate. An intense deathly sensation permeated the air; it was suffocating.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As a series of explosions sounded, all the red shadows were torn apart by the sharp black claws.

The busty woman in red was knocked back to where she was again, and she was seriously injured. A streak of blood slid down her white and smooth skin under her mouth, and desperation appeared in her eyes.

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  1. Fimbulwinter

    Who would’ve thought that the holy church was behind everything after they did nothing about the catastrophe :’)

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