Chapter 935: The Deal Between Priests and Demons (Part One)

“Hahaha! The raw material that you guys brought are indeed top-quality,” the mechanical voice sounded from the figure who was enveloped by black demonic armor and was sitting on the five-colored crystal throne. He was monotone as if he weren’t alive.

He slowly continued, “However, in our agreement, I said that I need Sun-Class Lords as material. Out of the 20 people that you brought over, three of them are only at peak Moon-Class; they don’t fit our criteria. Therefore, I can’t give you a copy of the Holy Code of Hell.”

“What? You dare to bargain with the Holy Church?” the bald priest was enraged after hearing what this mysterious figure had said. He replied in anger, “We already paid a hefty price to bring you these 20 masters. Do you think all the Sun-Class Lords on the continent are idiots? Bringing you 17 Sun-Class Lords and three peak Full Moon Elites is our limit!”

“Right! Don’t try to push it!” the baby-faced priest full of wrinkles also got angry.

With their status and identities in the Northern Regional Church, their words were taken as iron laws, and tens of millions of people followed their teachings and served them with care. Even the emperors of the super empires didn’t dare to disrespect them or show them bad attitudes. They were unwilling to lower themselves to do this mission in the first place, and this damn undead creature who was dirty and low in their eyes dared to bargain with them repeatedly; this was a death sentence from their perspective.

“Hahaha! So, after 1,000 years, the humans on the continent are weakened to this degree? Even 20 Sun-Class Lords can’t be lured? So disappointing.” The figure with the dark demonic armor didn’t budge. While sitting on the throne, he didn’t even move. Also, it seemed like his mechanical voice was created by a mechanism and not a vocal cord.

This figure continued, “Are you angry? Mortals’ emotions, hehehe. Do you think the Holy Church is that great? Unfortunately, in the eyes of ‘the dead’, it is only comprised of hypocrites and clowns. It seems like after no one doubted you and disciplined you for 1,000 years, you all became dumb pigs. Poor Bugs, put away your method of intimidating others. In the eyes of the Grim Reaper, everything is fair and just.”

“You…” the bald priest and the baby-faced priest with wrinkles were enraged, and they were going to strike.

The blond, curly-haired Priest Andy who hadn’t spoken in a while quickly grabbed them, and he calmly asked, “Tell me what you want, honorable Demon Basturk of Hell.”

“The requirement is simple; bring me three more Sun-Class Lords as raw material. Only 20 warriors of death can satisfy my need.” The figure with the dark demonic armor wasn’t willing to drop his price.

“No, there isn’t enough time. Our operation has attracted the attention of some people. Even though we are in the Chaos Era, the disappearance of 20 masters will pull in unwanted attention. If this incident gets exposed, even the Holy Church can’t bear all the pressure.” Priest Andy thought for a while and refused as well.

“Hahaha! Either you can satisfy my need of 20 Sun-Class Lords, or you can give up on the Holy Code of Hell. You pick!”

The priests’ expressions turned ugly.

The blond, curly-haired priest lowered his head as if he wanted to think through this complicated issue, but he suddenly attacked in the next moment. With bright holy power in his palms, he struck out both of his hands as fast as bolts of lightning.

However, he wasn’t attacking the figure with the dark demonic armor on the throne.

Instead, he struck the bald priest and the baby-faced priest with wrinkles who came with him.


While explosions sounded, streaks of silver runes flew out of the hands of Priest Andy, illuminating his face that looked vicious and wicked. At the same time, a lot of blood gushed out of the two priests’ bodies.

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