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Hail the King Chapter 936.2

Chapter 936: Let Me Check Out This Good Item First (Part Two)

“Even though he is strong, he is too careless. Since he was able to avoid being detected by this priest and this demon, why did he reveal himself? Now, he is discovered, and he probably can’t get away now; he will be killed as well and turned into a warrior of death.”

Honestly speaking, this busty woman in red wanted this human master who just appeared to leave here alive so that he could reveal what happened here to the entire world. However, it was clear that the possibility of him escaping was close to zero; she didn’t think that anyone could escape from the joint attack of these two masters.

However, what happened next made her doubt her own eyes.

“Don’t mess around; I’m busy!” Faced with the joint attacks of the two masters, this figure who just appeared didn’t take it seriously. With a casual and teasing tone, he replied while he simply waved his hand as a faint golden light flashed on him; it seemed like he was getting rid of a fly.

However, a shocking thing happened.

When this man slapped out, the blond, curly-haired priest’s light sword shattered as if it were a kid’s toy. It didn’t end there. The power within this slap passed through to the priest from the sword, and this priest shook, backed off, raised his head, and puked up a mouthful of blood. Then, the six pair of angel wings that each had a wingspan of ten meters shattered as well. This priest was severely injured, and he instantly backed out of his archangel mode.

Then, this slap collided with Dark Demonic Armor Basturk’s sharp claws.

This undead creature who seemed unrivaled in the eyes of this busty woman only lasted four more seconds compared to Priest Andy. Then, the black mist around his body quickly melted away and disappeared as he screamed. His giant body got pushed back, and his feet created two deep grooves on the ground. In the end, the ground couldn’t hold him back, and the force within the slap sent him flying. He smashed onto the throne that was in the back of the palace and broke several stone pillars before being buried under them.

The busty woman in red was stupefied.

“He… actually… so easily! He defeated these two powerful masters so casually!… Who is he? Is he a god? It is hard to imagine that such a powerful entity exists in the world. Could it be that he is the most powerful human on the continent, Maradona?” she thought to herself.

“You… who are you?” the blond, curly-haired priest spat out blood and looked terrified. While his body shivered and staggered, he asked in shock.

In the palace, as the dust and the evil black mist slowly settled and dissipated, this insanely powerful figure was revealed.

“How is this possible? So… so young?”

After seeing this figure’s face, the busty woman in red felt like her head wasn’t enough to process the information. She had never expected that this powerful master would be a young man who looked about 20 years old. His long black hair fluttered behind his head like a waterfall, and he was handsome and dashing with distinct facial features such as sharp brows and star-like eyes. His white royal robe was as pure as snow, and he looked bright and radiant like the only light of hope in this palace that was engulfed by darkness.

“It is you?” the blond, curly-haired priest’s face changed color. It was clear that he recognized the person in front of him, and he emphasized each word as he continued, “King of Chambord, Alexander!”

“Haha! Don’t make it sound so intimate; that might cause a misunderstanding. It will make it seem like we are old acquaintances.” Fei, who was delighted with his initial performance, smiled cunningly and said, “In reality, I don’t even know you.”

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