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Hail the King Chapter 937.1

Chapter 937: Healing and Commenting (Part One)

“King Alexander of Chambord? Is he the Human Emperor of the North who is being praised by many in the Northern Region of Azeroth?” The busty woman in red was stunned; she was somewhat shocked by what she saw.

“So, all the rumors are true?”

In the last while, the legends and stories about the Human Emperor of the North were being spread among the low-class civilians in the Northern Region of Azeroth, becoming the hottest topic at the moment. In the rumors, this king of an affiliated kingdom of the Zenit Empire was insanely powerful, and many said that he was invincible. Also, he had defeated a demi-god… All kinds of rumors were being passed around, and the king was almost like a real god in these stories; it was almost unbelievable to others.

Just like other masters in the circle, this busty woman in red disregarded all these rumors and looked at them in disdain.

Also, she looked down at the title of Human Emperor of the North. In her eyes, this was the result of the arrogant bumpkin from a remote region who got a little stronger, and the foolish civilians promoted him for nothing. In her mind, this was the only reason why a man so young could possible obtain the title of Human Emperor.

Could anyone bear the title of Human Emperor? Except for that supreme master who went against all the odds and saved humans thousands of years ago, no one had dared to call themselves the Human Emperor.

But now, it seemed like…

From the strength that was showcased by the casual attack, the busty woman in red had to admit that this handsome young man in front of her was qualified to contest for the title of Human Emperor

“Alexander, do you know what you are doing? How dare you disrupt the mission of the Holy Church?” The blond, curly-haired priest was angry and anxious, and he showed everything on his fat face. He stared at the white bone plate in Fei’s hand, and he wanted to go over there and take it back. However, he didn’t dare to do so. The rumors that he heard about Fei and the strength that Fei demonstrated in the casual attack shattered all this vicious fatty’s confidence.

“As the representation of love and justice, the combination of kindness and nobility, I ignored my own safety and stepped out at this critical time to break the evil deal with demons that could threaten the future of humans… Eh, just like that.”

The information engraved on the bone plate put Fei in a good mood, so he smiled and teased, “What about you? Mr. Priest? Do you know what you are doing? As a high-level member of the Holy Church, you are dealing with the devil? This is a stain on the face of Father God, and it is a betrayal of the Holy Church. Your actions are enough to tie you on the fire execution cross on the Holy Mountain on Sicily Island and burn you for 100 years!”

“You…” the blond, curly-haired priest was so angry that his face looked distorted. He shouted back, “B*llshit! What do you know? I’m here to complete this mission under the secret order of Bishop Platini. This mission is closely linked to the safety of humans… Quickly give back the bone plate!”

“Ah! So, it is Platini who is cooperating with the devil?” Fei rubbed his chin and pretended to think while saying, “If this is the case, Platini also joined the evil power of Hell? This is unexpected! No, I must pass this news out! This is breaking news! It is a grand conspiracy!”

“You…” the blond, curly-haired priest felt like he was going crazy; he felt powerless and weak when dealing with this man who wasn’t afraid of the Holy Church and was too strong to beat.

-On the other side-

“You… should go! King of Chambord, there are still more than 20 Sun-Class warriors of death. You have to get out of here alive and pass out the information to unveil the evil dealings of the Holy Church to the world…” Seeing the giant, chilly figures who were engulfed in black death energy outside the palace quietly moving closer, the busty woman in red panicked. From the bottom of her heart, she wanted this young master to leave here alive.

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