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Hail the King Chapter 938.1

Chapter 938: Summoning Barbarian Warrior (Part One)

“Quickly hand that item over! Otherwise, you are dead for sure! Alexander!” Now that the situation was within their control again, the blond, curly-haired priest dared to roar at Fei.

Right now, Dark Demonic Armor Basturk and Priest Andy knew that they could only work together.

Otherwise, they both might be killed by the terrifying man in front of them.

“Do you think I’m stupid? I will die if I hand it over.” Fei’s dirty smile made his opponents want to smash his face. The king turned his head and smiled at the busty woman in red beside him, and he said, “Oh right, this busty… eh, no, drop-dead gorgeous lady, I don’t know your name yet.”

“Susan.” The female warrior in red stared at Fei as she concisely replied while gathering her warrior energy.

At the moment, she was really concerned. Their enemies had 22 warriors of death, and there were the Dark Demonic Armor Basturk and Priest Andy; they had more than ten times the masters.

Since Fei and Susan were at a numbers disadvantage, this female master didn’t have any hope in defeating the priest and the demon. However, from the strength that the young man beside her showcased, they could safely escape if they coordinated well.

“Ok, beautiful Ms. Susan, do you want to beat this fat-pig-like priest half-dead to vent your anger?”

Susan froze for a second since she wasn’t anticipating this.

However, after thinking that her team was fooled by this despicable priest and got sold like objects, and everyone but her was turned into undead creatures and couldn’t even rest in peace, Susan’s anger toward Priest Andy reached a new height. Therefore, she said without thinking, “Of course I do!”

Instantly after she said that, she shook her head and said with reason, “But not now; we need to get out of here first, and we can plan everything else later.”

“Later?” Fei looked at this sexy woman in front of him as if he were looking at a moron. “When we are out, do you dare to beat a deacon of the Holy Church in the open? Besides, this fatty might act like he is the victim and put the blame on us before killing us with the power of the Holy Church.”

Susan instantly froze.

“Let’s do it now.” A strange smile appeared on Fei’s face, and he said, “I will give you one opportunity, and you can beat this blond fat pig one-on-one. Of course, it would depend on your own strength if you can kill him or not.”

After saying that, Fei acted a little and pretended to chant a spell to fool them. Then, he summoned those 15 Sun-Class Barbarian warriors.

This was the summoning skill that Fei obtained after completing the quest named [Rescue on Mount Arreat]. He could instantly summon 15 Sun-Class Barbarian warriors for 15 minutes, and he could summon them three times a day.

Bright teleportation portals suddenly appeared in the dark palace, and the Barbarian warriors that were more than two meters tall walked out of the portals. Their muscles were so big and defined that they looked like sculptures, and wild auras enveloped them. They were wearing strange armor and holding giant double-handed axes that looked like movie props, appearing to be demonic gods who walked off a prehistoric battleground.

Everyone in the palace was so shocked that they almost bit off their own tongues.

The powerful auras of these muscular warriors told everyone that they were Sun-Class Lords, and everyone including Susan was stunned.

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    Susan, what a nice name. Reminds me of that other Susan that was never mentioned again :’)

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