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Hail the King Chapter 939.1

Chapter 939: The Battle Between Bosses (Part One)

-On the other side-

“Hehe, come on. Our henchmen are already fighting. As bosses, it is time for us to battle one-on-one!”

Fei switched to his Barbarian character and laughed like a hooligan who was teasing a nice lady. While he cracked his knuckles with bad intentions, he got closer to Dark Demonic Armor Basturk one step after another.

At this moment, the blood-red eyes of this demon that were hiding behind the black mist contracted a little like a human; it was visible to the human eye, and it seemed like he was shocked by what he saw.

Then, he roared in anger like a madman.

While the black death energy boiled and wrapped around him, Basturk stomped on the ground with one of his giant metal boots.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Streaks of black light beams shot out under Fei’s feet, forming a light prison and trying to lock Fei inside.

However, Fei didn’t seem to care. He casually placed his hands on the light beams that acted as the iron bars and pulled, and the light prison was broken as if those light beams were a few pieces of rotten wood branches.

“Hey, pay attention and be serious; we are battling after all!”

The black mist that was enough to melt Sun-Class Lords couldn’t get within ten centimeters of Fei, so it didn’t pose any threat to him.

The blood-red flames that were burning in Basturk’s eyes flashed and became unstable.

Then, he raised his head and roared as if he were summoning something. Suddenly, footsteps sounded, and six figures rushed out of the collapsed throne. These six warriors of death were unexpected, and their strengths were between peak Full Moon and low-tier Morning Sun. They were wearing fancy royal robes with golden armor underneath, had golden crowns on their heads, and holding royal swords. They should be masters of the Royal Family of Anji, but they were turned into warriors of death by this undead creature, and they were out of the expectation of the Holy Church.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The six warriors of death charged forward, and it sounded like tens of thousands of ancient elephants were running around. The ground rumbled, and the palace shook violently, looking like it was about to collapse.

To ordinary masters, the warriors of death weren’t terrifying for their combat strength. They were scary since their bodies were as tough as steel, and they had no sense of pain and were fearless. Their battle style was suicidal, trading blow for blow. Also, the death energy that engulfed them would invade their enemies’ bodies when there were open wounds. Like worms that were attached to bones, this energy was hard to get rid of.

However, to Fei who had killed many demons and monsters of Hell in Diablo World, these six warriors of death were too easy; they weren’t even as threatening as the weakest monster, [Fallen], on the first map in Hell Mode Diablo World.

“Damn, you copied my summoning, but your henchmen are so weak!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

After casually punching out six times, the terrifying energy fists accurately hit these six warriors of death, blowing them into pieces.

Fei waved his hand, and the mystical energy that oozed out of their bodies got sucked into his body. His strength increased further.


Fei exerted force through his feet and used the Barbarian skill – [Leap].

The massive repulsion force created a deep, spider-web-shaped crater on the stone floor.

In the next moment, Fei appeared above Dark Demonic Armor Basturk.

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  1. Its been a while since I’ve seen Fei bullsh*t in battle. He’s been quite honorable of late.

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