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Hail the King Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Greatly Increased Strength

A burst of autumn wind blew up the autumn leaves, sending it flying in the wind.

“Uh… not even one followed? Are they kidding me? Sigh, you can never guess what girls are thinking. It doesn’t matter how many guesses you take, since you’ll never get it right…”

Noticing that these young and beautiful rogues didn’t follow him here, Fei looked sadly at the flying yellow sand and autumn leaves for a while. He thought that the girls suddenly changed their mind and decided not to travel, so he had no choice but to hum a little song as he walked across the big and small streets inside [Lut Gholein] and found the NPC Farah inside the city – she played the same role in [Lut Gholein] as the big chested beauty Charsi at [Rogue Encampment], a blacksmith. From her, Fei could buy higher level and more lethal weapons.

Fei opened the trade dialog box and began to sweep the goods.

He started with armor.

The [Arctic Furs] monster drop from before only had 48 defense and was now a little out of date. It was difficult to resist the sharp teeth and claws of higher level monsters and demons, so it was time to upgrade.

He carefully looked through everything and selected a set of 95 defense red color insect-patterned plate armor. This [Splint Mail] had double the defense of [Arctic Fur], but the price was also staggeringly high, costing Fei a full 20000 gold coins.

Aside from the plate armor, Fei also chose a Spartan-style high-level helmet with a T-shaped nose-guard. At the top of the helmet, there was a golden feather standing up, and the design abnormally looked fine. The helmet had 13 defense and +18% resistance to fire damage. There was also a pair of [Heavy Chain Boots] blue color level equipment that had +12 defense and a lot of other additional special effects against fire, thunder, and poison.

Armor, helmets, and heavy boots – Fei got all of them, and now he just needed a pair of powerful gloves to have a basic set. Unfortunately, after looking for a long time, Fei found that the gloves sold by NPC Farah here were all not up to his standard.

After a slight sigh, he quickly thought of a method – select and purchase a pair of white-scale beginner steel gloves, and then get [Rogue Encampment]’s female blacksmith Charsi to imbue it later. Previously after completing the mission of finding the magical iron hammer, Fei hadn’t used the enhancement reward up until now. Now, he would be able to get a pair of powerful gloves with high stats.

It was now time to replace his weapons.

Fei took his time and picked for a while, replacing the two-handed axe from before. He selected one purple and one greed broad sword that had the same length, separately called [Soul’s Massacre Claymore] and [Soul Gear’s Crystal Sword]. These two swords’ damage were all between 8-25. Even when comparing to the original exaggerated two-handed axe from before, the new combination was still stronger, and they were all blue color level equipment, so they had special effects of the 4 types of resistance and weapon accuracy. The two swords costed Fei a total of 19000 gold coins. Now, his barbarian character had already learned the [Double Swing] skill capable of using two swords at the same time. Not only was the effect of skill pretty sexy, but the damage was also more than doubled.

These two swords were the primary weapons Fei prepared for his barbarian character.

For his secondary weapon, the [Storm Sabre] and [Azure’s Spiked Shield] were all unequipped and sold by Fei. He chose a [Enhanced Light Iron Shield] with a cool holy knight’s iron cross-like symbol that had 22 defense and came with +3 resistance to all effects and 2 sockets, as well as a double-edged short axe called [Blood Splitting Double-edged Axe]. It had a single handed damage of 7-20, with an additional fire damage effect, +2 max damage, +41% max damage, and +32 weapon accuracy.

As a result, with the left handed shield and right handed axe, the secondary weapons’ damage was also more than doubled in attack power, and the effects that came with the weapons were simply amazing.

Finally, Fei spent 3000 gold coins and bought a 3 layer 16 grid large inventory. This way, transporting things from the real world to the Diablo world would be much easier.

This shopping trip costed Fei close to 60,000 gold coins, but he was compensated a bit for selling his old equipment, so now he had 35,000 gold coins left and could still be regarded as a slightly wealthy man.

Unfortunately, the NPCs here rarely sold rings, amulets and other small items, so Fei had no choice but to dismiss that desire. Right now, he had two rings and one amulet on him, but unfortunately they all had effects like increasing lighting area and weapon accuracy, so it wasn’t that useful, but at least it was better than nothing.

During this process, Fei finally confirmed one thing…

The NPCs at [Lut Gholein] didn’t have their own intelligence at all. If the people at [Rogue Encampment] gave him a feeling of it being a lively world, the feeling that this desert pearl gave to Fei was the complete opposite; it was like a single player version of the Diablo game. Every NPC dialogue and content was completely the same as his previous life’s video game, without the slightest difference, and not even a slight change in the tone. And in addition to the fixed dialogue, their facial expression was rigid, their emotions were stagnant, and they wouldn’t answer you anything, just like robots with a preset program.

“Why is that?”

No wonder why [Lut Gholein] gave off a lifeless feeling like a dead city… so that was actually the real reason. But as to the actual reason for the emergence of this phenomenon, Fei was puzzled, and he ultimately gave up and decided to just wait and see.

After putting on a brand new set of equipment, Fei suddenly felt that every pore on his body was surging out vigorous strength. Whether it was defense or attack, the stats had more than doubled with this new equipment. The effect was simply amazing after putting on the new set of equipment, achieving high standings in both aesthetics and utility.

Fei couldn’t help but think of the iconic anime “Saint Saiya” from his past life and all kinds of sacred clothing from the magical zodiacs. Thinking about that, he got an idea, making all the armor on his body become invisible, and then shouted, “Show-off Zodiac Cloth, fall on me”, and then he controlled all the armor on his body to show up piece by piece. This scene was almost exactly like in the anime when the bronze Saints summoned their clothes; bright lights shot out of the armor, and such a magnificent scene greatly satisfied Fei’s sick psychology.

With his hands reaching into the void, one green and one purple light flashed, and then two lethal giant swords appeared in Fei’s hands, making him feel like an elegant saint swordsman.

“Haha, these two swords, I will call them purple green duo swords from now on!”

Fei was fully armed, and with [Purple Green Duo Swords] he swept out of [Lut Gholein]’s city gate like a whirlwind and started a massacre in the wilderness, and those monsters that usually had to take 3 or 4 axe swings to kill now only needed one swing to eliminate them. The [Double Swing] skill raged a bladestorm, and he left behind a trail of bodies.

“With the current strength of the barbarian character, even if I faced with those 4-star elites, I would still have a big chance of winning.”

After about 10 minutes of killing and testing, Han fully understood his true strength at that time.

After finishing all this, without delay he went directly back to the city to find the blue clothed Warriv, chose [Go West], and then with a flash of blue light Fei returned to the [Rogue Encampment].

“Sir Fei, you are not a man of your words!”

“Sir, we just want to go see big city’s scenery, we definitely won’t bring you trouble, so just take us there once!”

“Sir, you can’t be so eccentric. You already took big sister Elena there once, why not take us too? Whatever sister Elena can do, we can also do for you!”

[Rogue Encampment].

At the place where Fei and Warriv disappeared half an hour ago, the young and beautiful female rogues saw Fei’s return and suddenly got excited and came around him.

He didn’t know when, but the beautiful lotus Elena also appeared here.

She tried to get past all the sisters surrounding Fei and looked at him who was a bit stunned, hesitated, and then softly said, “Sir, if it is convenient, please take the sisters there to see it. They grew up here and every day they face countless demons, “overcast” skies and the black wilderness, and they are yearning for the bustling city…”


Fei stopped everyone from talking, then inexplicably looked at the group of thorny roses, and asked in surprise, “So… You guys didn’t decide last minute to stay?”

“Stay?” The girls were shocked, “Why would we decide to stay? It was obviously Sir Fei who didn’t want to take us and ran off by yourself!”

Uh… did that turn out to be the case?

Fei was a bit confused, thought for a second and said, “That’s strange… Well, let’s try again… Maybe we just didn’t cooperate well last time. Everyone hold hands and close your eyes.”

The girls did what they were told.

After a humming sound, a blue light flashed past.

Fei disappeared in place, and Elena also disappeared with Fei, but the other female rogues were all just standing in place looking at each other.


Fei soon came back.

“What hapepened? Can I actually only take Elena there?” Fei was shocked, and it didn’t make sense. If he could bring someone there then he should’ve been able to bring everyone there. They were all rogues and Elena could travel with him, but why couldn’t the other girls?

The group of people just looked at each other in an awkward silence.


Chapter on the house~ sorry for the slow speed. Also had to do GDN throughout the week and got two midterms next week.

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