Chapter 941: Big Iron Plate (Part One)


Finally, the Death God Sickle in Dark Demonic Armor Basturk’s hand got knocked away.

Fei laughed hysterically; he had been waiting for this opportunity. He waved his hand without hesitation, instantly sealing this mystical and giant sickle before placing it into his storage space.

Without the sickle, Basturk’s strength dropped by one level, and he could no longer match Fei’s strength.

“Let me see how you heal this time!”

Fei used [Leap Attack], and [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] was raised above his head. With full force, Fei struck this hammer down, and tens of thousands of pounds of force was exerted onto Basturk, smashing this giant monster onto the ground like a meteor.

Boom! This monster landed on the ground and instantly created a huge crater that had a diameter of about 100 meters.

It felt like a meteor landed on the continent and was about to cause extinction.

The terrifying energy wave radiated in all directions, and Susan and Priest Andy who were battling each other were blown into the air by the crazy tornado created by the energy wave. Also, the energy wave tore the last few warriors of death who survived until now into pieces, and only the clouds of mystical energy were remaining. At this moment, the summoning time limit for the Barbarian warriors also came up, and they turned into energy flames and disappeared from where they were.

“Yuck! Let’s see if you are still alive!”

At the bottom of the enormous crater, Fei propped himself up with the giant war hammer, and he breathed heavily. All the mystical energy floating in the air rushed into his body.

That battle consumed a lot of Fei’s stamina, and there was also the side effect of using Barbarian skill – [Berserk]. Finally, Fei got a good taste of being fatigued; he hadn’t felt this way in a long time.

Beside him, Basturk was turned into a piece of black iron plate.

Surprising to Fei, not a single trace of blood, flesh, or bone was squeezed out of the slits on the armor even though this armor was damaged to this degree. Except for streaks of thick black mist that almost liquefied, nothing else came out; it felt like no living creature existed inside of the armor.

“Could it be that I had been battling a set of armor all along?” Fei couldn’t believe his hypothesis; it was too bizarre.

The king put away the war hammer and walked to the ‘iron plate’. After he pulled on both sides of a weaker connection point on the armor, he was able to open a big slit and look inside. Just as he expected, there was nothing like blood, flesh, or bones in there. Instead, he discovered traces of thick and powerful runes engraved on the inner side of the armor. These runes were in a blackish-red color, and they densely covered the inner surface area of the armor and crossed each other. Also, they slightly wriggled like the blood vessels of living creatures, making Fei have a weird feeling. Therefore, this thing shouldn’t be addressed as a ‘he’; instead, it should be an ‘it’.

Then, Fei discovered that as the dense, red runes flashed, the Dark Demonic Armor was slowly recovering like a cockroach that couldn’t be killed. This process was similar to the recovery process of that T-1000 liquid metal nanomorph robot in the sci-fi movie ‘Terminator’ on Earth. Of course, its recovery speed wasn’t as fast as T-1000, but the process was extremely close.

Fei paused for a second and then instantly got excited.

With a frenzy expression on his face, Fei squatted down and started to pull this closely-combined armor apart. Looking from the back, it seemed like Fei was opening up the chest of a living being and taking out the organs. The blackish-red mist was as thick as liquid and looked like blood, spilling onto Fei’s body. Since the golden energy flames on Fei slightly blurred the scene, looking from afar, Fei appeared to be opening Basturk’s chest and eating his heart and lungs with blood spilled all over his body.

The battle above the crater temporarily stopped as well.

Both Priest Andy and Susan had battled fiercely until now, and they were exhausted. Also, they were negatively impacted by the energy wave, and they were quite injured. Right now, both had dropped their weapons out of fatigue.

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