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Hail the King Chapter 941.2

Chapter 941: Big Iron Plate (Part Two)

The blond, curly-haired priest just happened to look down in Fei’s direction, and he didn’t get a clear look since the black mist and the golden flames blurred the scene. However, he did get a glimpse at the King of Chambord ‘eating Basturk’s internal organs with blood all over his body’. This scene terrified him, and he almost peed his pants.

“The King of Chambord is eating Basturk alive? A human eating a half-human? This is terrifying!”

The blond, curly-haired priest opened his eyes wide, and his pupils contracted; he couldn’t hide the chilly fear from his face. Even Susan who was facing him got scared by his terrified expression. Before this busty woman could figure out what was going on, Priest Andy shrieked and turned around before fleeing; it seemed like someone poked his butth*le with a spiked mace.

Susan completely ignored the injuries on her body and dashed forward like a flash of lightning, completely blocking the escape path of this priest. Then, the two of them started to battle again.

However, Susan who was still determined and murderous got the advantage; the blond, curly-haired priest saw Fei defeating Dark Demonic Armor Basturk and ‘eating’ the latter alive, so he was terrified and no longer had the courage to battle.

After only a few exchanges, Priest Andy got punched in the face several times, and his face instantly swelled like a rotting peach. Now, he really looked like a fat pig with his ‘pig head’.


As a golden light flashed, Fei jumped out of the crater with the ‘iron plate’ that had recovered about one-tenth the damage.

“Still not finished?” Fei frowned and waved his hand, and a streak of golden energy flew out, instantly sealing the strength of this blond, curly-haired priest who was screaming and trying to block Susan’s attack.

“Die!” The busty woman in red showed her violent side. She opened her palm, and a curly-bladed saber flew into her hand. Then, an arc was drawn in the air as Susan struck forward and was about to kill this priest without mercy.

“Hey, woman, don’t kill him yet; he is still useful!”

Fei quickly stopped this ‘angry female lion’ from venting her anger, and he bent his finger and saved Priest Andy’s life. However, this timid guy already fainted due to the fear of death.

“What should we do next?” Susan completely obeyed Fei’s words. If it weren’t for Fei, she would have died already.

“Of course, I will do the rest.” Fei looked at this sexy and alluring woman and said dully as if he didn’t understand the situation, “If you can still escape, you should leave here as soon as you can. I still have something to do.”

“Ah?” Susan wasn’t expecting this answer. She paused for a few seconds before asking, “Go? What about you?”

However, she immediately realized that her question was useless in the next second.

Susan wasn’t an idiot. Since the Human Emperor of the North suddenly appeared here today, he had something to do and wasn’t here for a casual walk after dinner. Also, it seemed like it was secretive, and she couldn’t know about it.

Susan knew that the King of Chambord saved her since it was convenient for him. Now that she was safe, letting her stay around might cause trouble.

“Then, please be careful.” Susan felt a little disappointed.

Fei smiled and didn’t say anything.

“We… will we meet again?” Susan suddenly felt like this guy in front of her was a jerk. She was a gorgeous woman, but…

Right now, if Fei gave her a little hint, Susan wouldn’t mind undressing and returning the favor by giving him her virginity. In fact, she was willing to be his lover from now on. However, Fei didn’t give any hints or subtle suggestions.

“I will go and find you later…” Susan turned into a beam of light and disappeared into the sky, and her laughter resonated in the area and didn’t vanish for a long while.

Right now, Dark Demonic Armor was sealed, and the warriors of death were all taken out. The sky was relatively safe, so Susan didn’t have to worry about anything and flew away.

After seeing that this woman had disappeared into the horizon, Fei turned around and continued his plan.

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  2. Fei turned around and continued his plan to LEVEL UP!!

    Thx for the chapter ^^

  3. Yiğit can Özdemir

    This is disrespectful to the values ​​of a nation you write. (please remove Atatürk this story)

  4. Bbg55

    Why does it feel like Fei became a harem MC all of the sudden? Earlier he was in love with Angela and Elena, now he feels like a h---y teenager.

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