Chapter 942: Royal Treasure (Part One)

Dark Demonic Armor was still slowly recovering.

Fei’s last hammer strike was indeed majestic and powerful; he almost turned Dark Demonic Armor into wasted trash. Even though the runes on the inside of the armor were profound and magical, it was hard for them to completely restore the armor in a flash. After Fei observed it for a while, he made some calculations and guessed that this demonic armor would need about one full day to return to its former glory.

Fei revisited the runes on the inside of the armor again, and he still felt like they were profound and hard to understand. With his skills as a rookie runemaster, he could only vaguely tell that these runes were ancient. If he wanted to figure out the magic principles behind them… eh, it seemed like Akara and Cain were going to have something to do in the next while.

After putting Dark Demonic Armor to the side, Fei took out the Death God Sickle that he had sealed from his storage ring.

This sickle was about six meters long, and its handle was as thick as the opening of a bowl. The blade of the sickle was three meters long, and it was tiling and curling inward. It was hard to tell exactly what material it was made of, but it was black and looked like it was made from black jade. The handle and the back of the blade were full of thin and dense engraved runes. Although they seemed like useless decorations, each rune emitted faint light. The blade of the sickle looked red, and liquid dripped off the tip of the blade, looking like blood.

Fei sealed the energy contained inside the Death God Sickle, so this weapon looked low-profile with its explosive energy concealed.

With the Death God Sickle in hand, Fei casually waved it at the stone pillar in front of him; nothing felt strange or unnatural.

Bam! Bam!

Several stone pillars that had a horizontal cross-sectional diameter of four meters instantly broke in half, and the cut was so clean and sharp that the cross-sections looked like mirrors.

“So sharp! It can easily cut through gold and shatter jade; its sharpness is not inferior compared to a level 8 combat weapon. It felt like cutting tofu when the sickle went through several stone pillars; I didn’t even detect any resistance or blockage. Haha! I wonder what material this is made from. I couldn’t even tell with my experience and knowledge.” Fei praised this weapon repeatedly.

Then, he tried to open the seal that he put on it.

In the next moment, he sensed that a streak of chilly, ice-like energy was invading his body from the handle of the sickle. Like a greedy vampire, the Death God Sickle continued to devour Fei’s energy like crazy. Right now, the strength of Fei’s Barbarian character could barely stay even with this chilly energy; he couldn’t completely suppress the energy inside the Death God Sickle.

“Damn it!” Fei was surprised.

He instantly switched to his Paladin character, and the demi-god-level holy power appeared and immediately countered that streak of chilly and cold energy. Then, Fei started to exert his force. Streaks of golden holy power flowed into the Death God Sickle through Fei’s palms, and it started to shake violently as if it ran into something terrifying. Right now, it seemed like it wanted to jump out of Fei’s hands and escape his control.

However, Fei’s Paladin character was now a demi-god, and his holy power was the natural counter to death energy. The Death God Sickle only struggled for a few seconds before it quieted down.

The golden holy power slowly flowed through the body of the sickle. This black material had great conductivity. In a visible speed, the black sickle started to change as the golden holy power washed through it. Gradually, the black-jade-like color changed to silver.

Although that cold energy tried its best to defend, it couldn’t do much. Like a snowflake on a hot summer day, it quickly melted and disappeared.

“Ah, no… Human! I have memorized your power!”

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