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Hail the King Chapter 942.2

Chapter 942: Royal Treasure (Part Two)

Suddenly, a series of shrill screams sounded from the Death God Sickle; it sounded tragic like the shattering of a soul, yet it continued terrifying pressure, shocking Fei and suffocating him a little. Then, a streak of faint black mist shot out of the blade of the sickle and let out a series of hissing screams of pain. Before Fei could react, it dashed into space like fish to water, completely disappearing in that split second.

The king wanted to stop it, but he wasn’t able to do it in time.

“This sickle contained a trace of dark godly power; it is the real kind of godly power, and it should be above the Demi-God Realm. It seems like the split soul of a terrifying existence. This must be the reason to Dark Demonic Armor Basturk’s increase in strength; it must have borrowed the strength from this mysterious soul… Unfortunately, this soul escaped in time!”

In the blink of an eye, the entire Death God Sickle turned from black to an eye-catching silver. Since Fei’s holy power washed it, traces of holy power were vaguely circulating on the surface.

When Fei injected holy power into this sickle, a golden blade energy that was more than 100 meters long appeared, putting a deep, bottomless crack into the ground.

“Damn! So powerful! It increased my strength by at least 40 times! This quality is on par with semi-god-tier combat weapons!”

Fei froze for a second before praising this weapon again; he couldn’t help himself. It seemed like he had gotten a great treasure.

“Damn, Hazel Bank, this strange uncle, is going to get a great item this time. This sickle fits him perfectly. Haha, if he can use the proper way to nurture and take care of this weapon, it might advance in level and become a real god-tier combat weapon in the future!”

-Four hours later-

“There must be treasures. There must be treasures! Where are they? Come out! Quickly!”

Fei’s eyes shined as he moved in the secret tunnels inside the Royal Palace of Anji.

His spirit energy was projected out like waves of the ocean, scanning through soils and trying to find the treasure storage of the Royal Family of Anji.

Undead creatures weren’t interested in these things, but Fei was different.

If the Chambord Kingdom could get its hands on these legendary treasures, it would obtain a lot of resources. Especially the vast amount of magic crystals; the many magic crystals would allow the kingdom to upgrade all the items and equipment on the ordinary soldiers of Chambord.

Right now, it was midnight.

The howls and roars of the undead creatures around the Royal Palace of Anji sounded like a tsunami. When they were mixed with the loud whistling noises created by the wind, they made the Capital of Anji, a dead city, seem even more terrifying.

After purifying the Death God Sickle, Fei imprisoned Dark Demonic Armor Basturk inside a light magic array, and he started to search around. Although the king didn’t come here just for the treasures of the Royal Family of Anji, his was a little greedy and wouldn’t even let geese fly past him without plucking a few feathers. Therefore, this was an excellent opportunity for the king since he could claim the treasures freely if he found it; he would be committing a crime to himself if he didn’t do this.

From the sunset until now, Fei had found three treasure warehouses of the Royal Family of Anji, and there were many gold coins, armor, weaponry, and warrior energy training scrolls. However, Fei’s instinct told him that this wasn’t all the treasures of the Royal Family of Anji. Since this empire robbed all the adjacent empires like bandits, they must have more valuable treasures on top of these little accumulations.

“Huh? This… Hahaha! Found it!”

Fei’s spirit energy that was spreading out and radiating outside suddenly fed an image to Fei’s mind, and he became elated.

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