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Hail the King Chapter 943.1

Chapter 943: Armor Troop, Extreme Luxury (Part One)

Fei had found the last treasure warehouse of the Royal Family of Anji, but it was hundreds of meters underground.

There was no tunnel connecting it to the outside world; it seemed like a teleportation array was used to come and go from there.

However, this was not a problem for Fei. He didn’t need to find a tunnel; he could just open a new tunnel underground using his savage physical strength. After he got to the edge of the treasure warehouse, he broke the magic barrier by force and finally got inside.

The scene inside the treasure warehouse wasn’t as flashy and glamorous as Fei had expected; it was quiet and refreshing in here.

This was an underground palace that was more than four acres.

The walls of the palace were engraved with powerful runes, and the stones that were empowered by magic were stronger than steel and had the ability to put the entire palace in stealth. It would be tough for ordinary masters to discover this place. Even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to barge in.

The palace was clean and organized, and magic lights on the walls were bright and could last forever. The orange-yellow light made this place peaceful and beautiful like the sunset.

In the center of the palace, there was a garden that had a fountain in it, directly connecting to the hidden underground water source. Faint magic energy was flashing, and streaks of clear spring water gushed out from underneath. Throughout the greenstone waterways that connected many places, the water flowed through and nurtured the plants in the flowerbeds at the corners of the palace; some flowers were blooming, and it was quite colorful in here. Together with the pleasant sounds of flowing water, the entire palace seemed peaceful and enjoyable; it was as beautiful as a dream.

What surprised Fei was that there was a fully-armed ‘army’ quietly standing in the palace.

It was an ‘army’ comprised of various kinds of armor. There was armor for swordsmen, crossbowmen, tower-shield soldiers, cavaliers, horses…

Except for air force, there was armor for every single type of soldier on the continent.

The designs were delicate, and every single gap was closed, almost covering the entire surface of the human body. They all had masks on them, and these masks had all the facial features of humans. Only a few holes were on the mask; they were on the eyes and the nostrils for seeing and ventilation.

All the armor was placed in the palace, and it looked like a real troop made up of humans stood here; it seemed like murderous spirit filled the place.

“This style of armor is rarely seen on the Azeroth Continent. Also, the full armor where everything is covered doesn’t make much sense; it is not scientific at all since the armor can hardly be used in battle. Why did the Royal Family of Anji create this kind of armor?” Fei was confused.

When he got close to observe, he grabbed a helmet casually, but he instantly felt the weight. This helmet looked to be about five kilograms, but it weighed more than 50 kilograms when Fei grabbed hold of it; this surprised the king.

“Huh? It is made by mystical gold that is super rare. This kind of metal is extremely heavy but have excellent energy conductivity… this kind of mystical gold is usually used to forge combat weapons, and they are rare and expensive; there is a high demand but a lack of supply. Anjians used this material to build armor? This doesn’t make sense! The armor created by mystical gold is heavy and can weigh up to hundreds of kilograms. With the addition of weapons, the entire item set can weigh up to thousands of kilograms. Even if a low-tier Moon-Class Elite were to wear this item set, their movement would be greatly hindered. Right now, there were about 5,000 sets of armor in the palace.

“Why did they create so many sets of armor? Who are they for? Could it be that the Anji Empire has more than 5,000 Moon-Class Elites?”

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