Chapter 944: The Hidden Secret (1) (Part One)

This was a middle-aged man who was about 40 years old. His skin was fair, and he had a black beard. He somewhat looked like Emperor Kerimov Suleyman of Anji, but he was a bit young and looked more genial. Although he had died a while ago, his corpse was well kept; there were no signs of rotting or hardening; the skin still looked soft and life-like.

“This man’s strength is at last in low-tier Sun-Class Realm; Sun-Class Lords’ corpses can stay fresh and life-like for hundreds of years. From his looks and the clothes that he is wearing, he should be a member of the Royal Family of Anji. He was likely the new Emperor of Anji after the fall of Kerimov Suleyman. However, this man’s life was short. After becoming the emperor of this empire for less than half a year, he died at this place,” Fei sighed slightly.

“Huh? What is this?”

Fei suddenly saw a thin booklet beside this corpse; it was below the armrest of the throne. This booklet looked messy; it seemed like it fell out of the corpse’s hand.

The king walked up and opened it up, and he saw many dense words. This booklet recorded a lot of information.

“Huh? This is a journal. It is recording… it documented the rise and collapse of the Anji Empire…” Fei quickly glanced through the journal and was intrigued by the content of the booklet; he continued reading without realizing it!

“My name is Kerimov Donodove, once a prince of the level 1 Anji Empire. I was born of high status and in the center of attention, receiving love from all directions.

Unfortunately, my mother suddenly passed away when I was three years old.

From that day on, I’ve felt like everything around me was slowly changing.

Father Lord gradually appeared in front of me less and less, and most of my maids got moved away. Only two maids were left to assist with my daily living. Those people who would surround me and tell me jokes and stories also didn’t appear anymore…

My palace was getting quieter and colder; I was scared.

Fortunately, I had a big brother.

His name was Kerimov Suleyman, a smart and persevering man. He was seven years older than me, but he protected me like a real man and held up a piece of calm sky for me.

If it weren’t for him, I would have died long ago. The poisonous wine at my fourth birthday party, the accident of falling off the horse when I was seven, the assassin when I was learning sword techniques at nine, and that little girl of the Dalen Family who was my fiancée since we were little tried to kill me…

Every time, it was my big brother who saved me, even though he wasn’t doing that much better than me. In fact, in some aspects, his situation was worse.

Many times, I saw the guards carrying my severely injured big brother to the priests to heal. If they didn’t get there in time, he would have died many times.

The most dangerous time was when my big brother accidentally ate the dessert that Father gifted to his beloved new queen. He instantly puked up white foam and passed out in the dining hall. No one paid attention to him for a whole day, and I didn’t know where those guards and priests went. I sent people to go look for them, but it wasn’t successful.

In the dark dining hall, I stayed by my big brother for the entire day.

At that time, I thought I was going to lose him forever, lose the only person who loved me.

Fortunately, God blessed us! When the sun shined through the window on the third day, my big brother finally opened his eyes.

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