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Hail the King Chapter 944.2

Chapter 944: The Hidden Secret (1) (Part Two)

At that moment, all the injuries in his body healed.

He lived.

From that moment on, he changed.

He still loved me and cared for me, but I could tell that my big brother who was persevering and optimistic was no longer the same. He had been able to accept all the unfair treatment, see through them, and still have hope, and he had been kind and gentle toward guards and maids. However, he slowly changed. He turned vicious, violent, and angry. Of course, the most important change was that he suddenly showcased unparalleled talent in cultivating fire-elemental warrior energy; he only had average talent before.

Only I knew all this; Big Brother rarely showed his talent in front of other people.

However, he did teach me some combat techniques in secret.

My talent is good, and I progressed quickly. However, I was never able to catch up with my big brother’s speed. The stronger I got, the bigger the gap between us that I could feel, and I was able to better sense the horrifying energy hidden in Big Brother’s body.

Our lives didn’t change that much in the next few years.

In about ten years, my big brother and I experienced several dangerous situations, but he easily resolved them.

Our lives gradually got better.

During my 18th birthday party, Big Brother suddenly did something crazy and unimaginable. Under the stares of all the members of the Royal Family, he killed Father Lord’s beloved new queen with one strike, and he then killed all the members of the new queen’s family as well as the dozens of noble families that stood with the new queen.

From that day on, I finally realized how terrifying that energy inside Big Brother was.

Even though Father Lord was old, he was angry like a hungry lion and roared, saying that he was going to kill my big brother. However, Big Brother still got everything that he wanted – the title of Crown Prince, the loyalty of the nobles, and the control over the military and finance. Since his strength was terrifying, no one could suppress him, and the only masters in the empire didn’t want to make an enemy out of a young genius.

From that day onward, Big Brother had control over Anji.

From that moment on, Anjians stepped onto the path of conquering.

‘A real emperor needs to write his name on the throne of other empires and make the entire continent shiver under his feet!’ This was what Big Brother always told me.

Eight years later, Big Brother’s title was acknowledged and accepted by the Holy Church and got coronated. Then, he inherited the throne and became the new emperor.

The troops of Anji started to move out in all directions, killing, burning, and robbing.

The territory of the empire had never expanded this fast before.

To the Royal Family and the nobles, this was a great thing. The bigger the empire and the more citizens we had, the most powerful we were. With more money, soldiers, and slaves, we would get more resources and a higher status in the Northern Region of Azeroth.

However, I didn’t care about all that; it seemed like I’m the only one who noticed that it was harder and harder to see the smile on Big Brother’s face.

As Anji’s footsteps of conquering became stronger and firmer, Big Brother seemed more and more exhausted.

Yes, exhausted. It is a little ridiculous to use the word ‘exhausted’ to describe a Burning Sun Lord whose energy supposed to be limitless, but I can’t find another word to more accurately describing his condition.

What happened that confused him?

I didn’t know what Big Brother was doing, but I would support all his decisions. I’m cultivating like a madman just to help him. Even if I must die for him, I’m willing.

Until one day, I finally discovered the unimaginable secret behind Big Brother.”

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