Chapter 946: The Real Value of the Mystical Gold Armor (Part One)

“That was a trade that I now hate, but I’m also moved by it.

Before death, Big Brother still couldn’t ditch his useless little brother. Therefore, in the last moment of his life 26 years ago, he made a deal with the demon hidden in the dark, and his soul was the price. He was willing to give up his body and let it be taken by the demon, and his only condition was that the demon has to protect me, the dumb little brother, and help me survive.

Big Brother died long ago.

It was because of his death that l lived.

What is more unimaginable? I discovered that this demon from Hell is actually doing a shady deal with the Holy Church!

Is God making a deal with the devil?

No one will believe me if I reveal this information to the world.

I… what should I do?

The empire was destroyed by my hand.

I’m guilty! I’m a criminal!

If Big Brother were still alive, I mean my real big brother, he wouldn’t want to see this. I’ve committed a crime against humanity because of him.

I was wrong!

I… need to redeem myself and save the situation.

I must do it!

However, I can no longer control Dark Demonic Armor Basturk. This war machine of Hell is more powerful than me. Also, it used the evil techniques of Hell and created many Sun-Class warriors of death under the help of the Holy Church…

Crime… the disaster is irreparable.

My action of trying to repair what I have done was quickly discovered.

Finally, conflict occurred.

I’m no match for that demon.

The entire Royal Family got wiped out, and the Capital of Anji turned into a land of undead creatures.

I got severely injured during the battle and escaped to the last hiding place of the Anji Empire with the Demon Plan and the crucial items. Even that demon doesn’t know where this place is. Since this place is hidden and is empowered by stealth and strength runes, that demon can’t find this place.

If anyone is reading my journal… My friend, I don’t dare to ask you to forgive me. Let me fall to Hell and be burned for eternity for my crime. However, please listen to me. Remember! Don’t let these 5,000 sets of mystical gold armor fall into the hands of the dark power of Hell! They will come to life and become unparalleled killing machines, just like Dark Demonic Armor Basturk. They will become a burning troop, bringing evil and disaster to every corner of Azeroth!

The Holy Church should be interested in the creation method of these killing machines.

Although I don’t have enough evidence, I can tell that the priests of the Holy Church don’t have pure intentions; their ambition is not inferior to that of the forces of Hell! If I’m not wrong, the priests should have gotten what they want. Therefore, if possible, don’t let the Holy Church get its hands on these sets of mystic gold armor. Otherwise, it will be a disaster on its own.

Also, 2,000 meters down from the Royal Palace of Anji, there is a huge space that is being sealed. In there, the souls of the 72 demons of Hell who fell in the Mythical Era are being suppressed and sealed. Right now, the power of the seal is getting weaker and weaker; it is hard to completely lock down these souls of demons. The seal requires real warriors and masters to increase its power using absolute godly power; that is the only way to seal these demons forever. These souls of the demons can’t be destroyed; sealing them using the arrays left by the gods of the Mystical Era is the only way to tie them down.

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