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Hail the King Chapter 947.1

Chapter 947: Decoding the Godly Power (Part One)

“Doesn’t that mean…” Suddenly realizing something, Fei’s heart lurched before it started to race.

Wouldn’t that mean if Chambord could decode the secret technique that was recorded on the white bone plate, and if they could modify it and take out the evil energy, the kingdom would have an invincible troop made of war machines as long as they used these 5,000 sets of mystical gold armor?

Now, Fei no longer felt like making these sets of tightly-closed armor out of mystical gold was a wasteful action.

If this were all true, and these 5,000 sets of mystical gold armor could be turned into entities like Dark Demonic Armor Basturk, they were way more valuable than 5,000 combat weapons.

After thinking about this, Fei stared at the armor inside the palace with heated eyes.

After a pause, Fei thought about other things that were mentioned in the journal written by the new emperor of Anji. This information validated Fei’s prior guess; the appearance of the Undead Creature Catastrophe. However, the Anji Empire was wiped out now, paying the price for the crime that it had committed.

Next, once Fei purified all the undead creatures in the region, he would have to enter that sealed space in the journal to see the situation. If he could, it would be best to kill the 72 demons.

Also, since he disrupted the deal that the Holy Church had, this giant force probably was going to do things to make up for it. As a result, the king had to be more careful from now on.

After carefully counting everything in the palace, Fei put away the journal that was stained by blood into his storage space. Then, he walked to the center of the palace and took out the portable magic teleportation array. He quickly put it together and inlaid magic crystal into it, activating the runes on the array and connected it with the teleportation array on [Black Pearl] using a unique frequency.

Soon, Torres and Hazel Bank walked out of the array with teams of elite soldiers behind them.

The warriors of Chambord strictly followed Fei’s greedy and frugal style and started to pack everything up as if they were mice that had been hungry for hundreds of years and suddenly sneaked into a food storage. They moved things quickly with high efficiency, and they moved everything out of the palace in just 30 minutes; even the magic fountain in the middle of the palace was moved away as a whole.

Now, Fei took a look and saw the shiny floor. If the Xuan’ge could carry more stuff, those ‘hungry’ soldiers would have taken the bricks that made the walls and the bright floor tiles.

While moving treasures out of this place, both Sparrow and Barbossa showed a high level of excitement and craziness such that it seemed like they were two men who had been alone for thousands of years and suddenly saw a group of n*aked beauties. Light shot out of their eyes, and they drooled all over the ground. At that moment, Fei felt like these two men sure had the talent for becoming the pirates of the Caribbean, and it was a good decision by him to appoint them to be captains of the two barges.

At the same time, the items in the few small treasure storages that were connected to the palace were also emptied out.

The treasures that Chambord obtained were shocking. With Chambord Kingdom’s current income level, this amount of money was equal to 100 years of work. In the Chaos Era, wealth was also another form of strength. Right now, Chambord had enough strength to keep this amount of wealth, and the production capabilities of the kingdom could digest this amount of money most appropriately.

Without an issue, this loot could level up the equipment of the military of Chambord by five to six levels.

This was a huge harvest.

After this was done, [Black Pearl] and [Cyclops] went on the return trip. However, a small group of elite soldiers stayed behind with Cain, Akara, and those dozen-or-so university students who were their apprentices.

After considering about their safety, the campsite was temporarily set up in the underground palace. Fei stuffed the tunnel that he dug, and bright magic arrays reinforced the walls. Therefore, they didn’t have to worry about the undead creatures breaking in from the outside.

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