Chapter 948: Anti-Mage Realm (Part One)

With a pair of giant swords in his hands, Fei moved around as if he were performing a death dance, starting to wipe out the zombies in the Royal Palace mercilessly.

Since the defense walls of the Royal Palace blocked many zombies and undead creatures, there weren’t that many in here, and their strengths weren’t high. Fei first started with them to prevent Cain, Akara, and those university students from potentially being attacked.

In less than one hour, all the zombies inside the Royal Palace were cleaned. Then, Fei switched back to his Paladin character and started to cleanse the area. After that, he set up bright magic arrays on the defense walls of the Royal Palace, stopping any undead creatures from going in. Without the suppression of Dark Demonic Armor Basturk, the zombies outside the city became anxious and violent, and they already started to attack and siege the Royal Palace.

While Fei did all that, Undead Mage Hazel Bank was nowhere to be seen. With this old man’s strength, he shouldn’t be in danger, so Fei no longer worried. The king switched back to his Barbarian character and started to kill zombies and mutated demon beasts outside the Royal Palace.

On the square outside the Royal Palace, thousands of zombie-king-level monsters wandered around. They were all on the level of Moon-Class; ordinary weapons couldn’t even pierce through their skin, and their claws and teeth were extremely sharp. Even if a Moon-Class Elite ran into one of these monsters, a huge disadvantage was unavoidable. However, to Fei, they were like food that was going directly into his mouth.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In two hours, Fei wasn’t sure how many blue magic swords he went through, but he finally killed all the zombie kings on the square. All the zombie kings, 1,167 of them, provided Fei with an enormous amount of mystical energy. After absorbing the energy, Fei’s Barbarian character finally saw the hope of advancing into the Demi-God Realm; he was only one step away.

Now, Fei’s killing of zombies finally attracted the attention of a zombie emperor that was in the Sun-Class Realm, and it attacked Fei without holding back.

Zombie emperors already started to have intelligence, even though it was only on the level of a four-year-old human child. Although their intelligence was limited, and they couldn’t comprehend laws of nature that would give them the ability to fly like human Sun-Class Lords, they had their own combat styles and could move on the ground rapidly.

While roaring, this zombie emperor leaped into the air and came crashing down on Fei like a small mountain.

The battle began.

For a moment, the entire Capital of Anji was affected by this battle.

Fei wanted to have a good observation of this zombie emperor, including combat style and real strength, so the king went easy on this monster for a while. He discovered that except for its sheer large size, its body was hard enough to compete with level 4 combat weapons. Also, their spirit energy was stronger than humans’ on the same power level, and they directly communicated with each other with spirit energy. In addition, they could proficiently use the death energy and cast simple yet powerful undead magic spells such as Bone Spear, Bone Prison, Bone Spike, Bone Shield, Bone Saber, and Bone Sword. Lastly, they could command low-level zombies, looking like commanders in the military.

“If we let this continue, these monsters will continue growing. Perhaps these zombies will one day have real intelligence. By then, the undead creatures would become high-level creatures and a brand-new species. Also, Human’s disaster will come crashing down… Undead creatures sure are the counter to all lifeforms!”

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