Chapter 949: Fortunately Moved Fast (Part One)

“Is it the godly realm that only belongs to ultimate savage warriors in the legends?”

“Could it be that someone broke the barrier and advanced to the Demi-God Realm without cultivating warrior energy or magic energy? Achieving this impossible goal using pure physical strength?”

“The legend is real! The legend is real!”

“I never believed this! There is actually the third kind of energy except for warrior energy and magic energy?”

“Anti-Mage Realm, hahaha! The nemesis to all mages! Inside this realm, all magic energy would disappear! Even a Mage God would become a weak and powerless ordinary human! Hahaha! Mages on the continent, start crying! A sad era for you is about to arrive, hahaha!”

“Is the Chaos Era going to appear so soon? Is it really unavoidable? Even this realm that only seemed to exist in legends has appeared!”

“Chaos is coming! This power that shouldn’t exist in this world would only appear in a chaotic era filled with war!”

Many masters were shocked, and they sighed in their minds.

“Anti-Mage Realm was only a rumor and a part of the legends; there was no basis for it. Even in the Mystical Era, it was heard that only the God of War obtained this realm. However, now it seems like this forbidden-level realm appeared… Could it be that the person who is supposed to save the continent in the prophecy the reincarnation of the God of War? Could it be that the gods who had fallen in eternal sleep in the legends can’t hold back and are gradually waking up?”

The powerful mages now all looked ugly.

The appearance of the Anti-Mage Realm meant that the magic civilization was entering a dark age.

“Just as I expected. The advancement process is so smooth; nature’s challenge didn’t appear, and the tribulation before the Demi-God Realm is missing as well. Could it be that I’m really the love child of the God of Creation? Why am I so lucky?” Fei thought to himself as he couldn’t hold back the excitement and thrill on his mind.

Right now, he sensed the vast, ocean-like energy in his body.

“I didn’t expect that my Barbarian character is going to obtain the Anti-Mage Realm after becoming a demi-god. This is the godly realm that only the God of War obtained in the legends on the Azeroth Continent! With the power of this realm, I can even trounce the God of Magic! From now on, any mage can’t pose a threat to me!”

Fei opened his realm and expanded it to the maximum.

A faint, transparent energy wave instantly started to expand outward like ripples on a lake, enveloping an area of 1,000 meters around him. All the magic elements disintegrated into nothingness, and all the undead energy disappeared as well. The zombies and mutated demon beasts that required undead magic to stay alive all lost their power and turned into clouds of dust.

“Such a feeling of power! It is not inferior to the realm of my Paladin character.”

Fei opened his arms and closed his eyes before raising his head, trying to face the sun directly while experiencing the pleasure that was brought along with the elevation in power.

At this moment-

Bam! A scream sounded in the Royal Palace afterward.

As soon as Undead Mage Hazel Bank got close to the Anti-Mage Realm, the magic energy inside his body disappeared. Then, like a broken kite, he fell from the sky and smashed into the ground.

Fei was startled. Before he could dash back and help Hazel Bank to stand up, a series of angry curses sounded from a side palace in the Royal Palace of Anji.

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