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Hail the King Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Crazy Summoning

“I just don’t believe it, let’s try it a few more times… Humph, this time let’s just try one at a time.” Fei said as he grabbed a purple-haired little loli’s small hands. Then, there was a buzzing blue flash of light. He disappeared with Warriv, but the little loli was still there.

After a flash of blue light, Fei angrily returned.

“Try again…”

Fei disappeared again.

He came back again.

He disappeared again.

Ten minutes later.

Fei almost felt every girl’s little hands. In the beginning, this shameless pervert actually had the thought of searching why the teleport didn’t work, but by the end he basically used it as an excuse to take advantage and touch the soft little hands of all the girls. The female rogues were all beautiful young girls… so it would be stupid to not take advantage when there was a chance.

However, the teleportation to [Lut Gholein] didn’t work even once, aside from with Elena.

“This is strange, there must be an important reason I overlooked…”

Fei lowered his head in contemplation and began to think of some reasons.

Why is it that although they’re all female rogues, only Elena can be successfully brought to [Lut Gholein], while other people can’t? Fei suddenly noticed that this occasion was kind of similar to the situation before when he accidently triggered one of the godly skills [Summon]. Similarly, under the effects of the skill [Summon], only Elena could be summoned to the real world, while no one else could.

Thinking about it, Fei’s eyes eventually stopped at the key figure, blue clothed Warriv.

A hint of a narrow smile surfaced on Warriv’s face.

“Warriv, do you know what’s going on?” Fei seemed to have guessed something.

“Yes sir, the reason is very simple. Ms. Elena is your mercenary; she signed the [Contract of Employment] with you, so she can use the power of employment to follow you through space-time teleportation. However, the other girls didn’t enter a contract with you, so I’m afraid that I cannot take advantage of the power of contract to take them with you to [Lut Gholein].”

“[Contract of Employment]?”

A flash of lightning flashed passed Fei’s mind.

Suddenly, he felt that he caught a crucial point, and the mystery behind the [Summon] skill also began to uncover its true face behind the mysterious veil.


Fei suddenly realized.

The reason why he could only summon Elena from the Diablo world to the real world was due to the existence of the employment contract between them. This contract was automatically signed after he finished the mercenary leader Kashya’s mission of killing blood crows. That was the reward for completing the mission, and that was also the secret factor that had been overlooked by him. If he could sign these kind of contracts with other people at the [Rogue Encampment], would that mean that he could also summon other people into the real world?

Fei couldn’t wait to verify that idea.

He bid farewell to Warriv and the reluctant female rogues, passed through several tents, and then at the southeast corner of the encampment’s broken tent, he found the nun aunt Ankara who was crafting potions.


After listening to Fei’s speculation, a light flashed in Ankara’s eyes as if she had a sudden epiphany, and then she slowly said, “Your guess is right, this might be the reason why Elena is the only one that can follow you to your world.”

“Then can I sign the [Employment Contract] with other people?” That was the question Fei cared the most about.

“Uh… I’m afraid that you can’t.” Ankara shook his head.

“What… That… Why?” Fei became really impatient.

“On the rogue continent, the [Employment Contract] is the most special type among all types of contract types, and it has the feature of being single and exclusive. Since you have already signed the contract with Elena, you will not be able to sign this kind of contract with anyone else, unless you take the initiative to lift the contract with Elena…”

Ankara’s words slowly made Fei’s heart sink, and the color of his face became uglier.

Could it be destined that he could only summon one person from the Diablo world to the real world? Damn!

However, in any case, lifting the contract with Elena was something Fei could never do. Elena already told him long ago that for a female rogue, being fired by the employer was equivalent to losing her glory, which was even worse than death. In addition, after cooperating with this beautiful mercenary for so long, the pair had reached the state where their hearts were connected, and Fei started having inseparable feelings towards this beautiful and soft female rogue.

But at that moment, with a mysterious smile on her face, aunt Ankara continued, “However, on the rogue continent, besides the employment contract, there are many other contract types that have similar effects, like the [Friendship Contract], [Servant Contract], [Part Contract], [Apprentice Contract], [Clan Contract], and so on. If I didn’t guess wrong, after signing these contracts, you can also achieve the effect you want. Why not give it a try?”

White foam started coming out of Fei’s mouth, “………”

At this point he was finally 100% sure that he was just played by this mischievous old nun that loved pranking others.

In the rear mountains in Chambord City, the underground cave maze.


With a familiar light noise, something seemed to be trembling and struggling in the air, and then at the next moment, a huge sky blue colored teleportation portal suddenly appeared in the stone hall.

Fei strode out from the portal.

Then, behind him, a thin figure enveloped in a purple robe soon followed and appeared, and soon after, a beautiful archer in fine armor with flame-burning red colored hair appeared, and her whole body was surging with a strong atmosphere.

Those two were aunty nun Ankara and Elena.

“Ah! How fresh, this air, how pure, this natural energy…” Ankara sat in the stone hall with her eyes closed, took a deep breath of the air on Azeroth Continent, and with an excited expression she said, “This is the feeling of a bright world… finally!”

Fei and Elena looked at the emotional Ankara and neither said anything.

As the [Rogue Encampment]’s spiritual leader, nun Ankara would rarely lose her calm. When darkness shrouded the Rogue continent, she used her thin shoulders and held everyone’s hope and became the Rogue Continent’s prophet. Like a beacon in the night, she guided everyone’s path forward and brought a weak trace of light and hope to the rogues. In everyone’s eyes, all this time, Ankara had been the definition of calm management. But today, finally being able to feel the pure world energy in this stone hall which was similar to the rogue continent’s energy before it was invaded by darkness made the leader a bit emotional.

After a while, Ankara’s feelings finally slowly stabilized.

“Sir Fei, is this your country? The mysterious underground cave maze Elena was talking about? Why do I have a feeling of déjà vu?” Ankara felt the surrounding energy and asked in confusion.

“I will first send someone to take you on a tour. Outside of this cave is an extremely beautiful city; I think you will definitely fall in love with this world.” Fei smiled and said, “As for the strange feeling, Elena and I also had it before, but unfortunately we couldn’t find the reason.”

Ankara thought for a moment and nodded to show approval.

Fei made a move in his thought, instantly consuming all MP of his barbarian character. He opened three teleportation portals and summoned a dozen young beautiful female rogues and the big chest beauty Charsi to the stone hall. After carefully instructing them with a few things, he walked out of the stone hall, called over the prison official Oleg in the distance that was in charge of demolition work, and ordered him to take the aunt nun and the others on a tour around the city.

“Understood, your Majesty.”

Seeing how more than 10 people just suddenly came out of nowhere, Oleg simply felt that he didn’t have enough brain cells to comprehend the situation. He didn’t know how these guys avoid his and the soldiers patrolling outside sight and got into the stone hall, but His Majesty clearly knew them very well. Oleg didn’t dare to ask, so he respectfully took Ankara and the others and walked out of the stone hall.

At that moment, Fei suddenly grabbed Elena’s little hand from behind.

He whispered beside her ear, “You’re already very familiar with this world, so take good care of aunty nun and the girls. Recently, there’s been many outsiders coming into the city, so don’t get into any conflicts with others. If there’s anything that goes wrong, you can consult that fat guy.” Fei pointed at the prison official Oleg; that fat guy was very experienced when dealing with people and situations.

When whispering, Elena’s hair above the edge of her ear gently brushed over Fei’s cheek, and played with his heartstrings.

Elena lowered her head and felt the warmth from Fei’s hand, as if she was already accustomed to Fei holding her small hands; she was no longer shy and just smile and nodded.

“You’re not coming out with us?” She asked quietly.

Fei smiled and said, “I still have something else to take care of.”

At this moment, the two people were like a little boy and girl that were trying to avoid the teacher’s sight and secretly whispering at the back of the classroom. The atmosphere was charming, and there was a feeling of blushing and heart-beating.

At last, Elena left happily.

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