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Hail the King Chapter 950.2

Chapter 950: Quick Passage of Time (Part Two)

As the most high-ranking and powerful elder of the [Undead Godly Palace], Hazel Bank was a peak Burning Sun Lord, and he almost died from the fall. If this information got out, he would become a laughingstock on the continent.

“Ahahaha! Quick! Where is that poor thing called Dark Demonic Armor Basturk? Take off its leg and let me look! I’m going to have a good look…” Akara was still in her crazy state.

“Despicable humans! You are staining the honor of the gods! You are too arrogant! Hey… wait up! Don’t move… Ay, we can talk this out… show me some respect! Come one! Hey, you little kids! My thighs! Lighter! Ay, so violent!”

The poor Dark Demonic Armor Basturk was now ashamed and lacked prestige.

Since its strength was sealed, the university students ignored the threat that it posed and quickly dismantled its leg while looking at it in contempt.

Fei discovered that Dark Demonic Armor Basturk was becoming more and more human-like. If it weren’t confirmed that this thing was only a war machine, Fei would believe that someone was wearing the armor and hiding inside it to fool people.

With Fei’s help, the research progress at [Mad Scientists Laboratory] skyrocketed. In less than ten days, most of the runes and arrays on Dark Demonic Armor Basturk were decoded, and a portion of the content on the white bone plate was decrypted as well. Soon, Chambord would be able to start creating its own war machines.

During this time, Fei leveled up his Necromancer character to Hell Mode level 100, and he started to focus on his Druid character.

Time quickly passed by.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed, and winter enveloped the land.

All the zombies and mutated demon beasts inside the Capital of Anji were wiped out by Fei, and he started to clean the zombies that were wandering outside the cities and on the plains.

After these days of killing, Fei’s Paladin character and Barbarian character got a bit stronger, and they weren’t far from mid-tier Demi-God Realm. The realms of both characters also got more powerful, now could be cast out and radiate two kilometers around Fei.

Inside Diablo World, Fei’s Druid character reached Hell Mode level 100 and achieved the breakthrough. Also, his Sorceress character had gotten to Hell Mode level 20.

Inside [Mad Scientists Laboratory], Cain and Akara analyzed and studied all the secrets on Dark Demonic Armor Basturk, and all of them were decoded.

In the beginning, Dark Demonic Armor Basturk acted tough, and it wasn’t willing to budge. After being ‘tortured’ by the university students, it finally gave up and cooperated with the research. Also, it revealed quite a few secrets of Hell.

Under its help, the Holy Code of Hell, which was copied onto the white bone plate, was completely decoded.

During the process, Cain and Akara discovered one thing.

It turned out that the forces of Hell weren’t planning to complete the deal with the Holy Church; the information recorded on the white bone plate was half true and half false, and it had a high chance of leading people down the wrong path. If the Holy Church tried to create war machines using the secret technique on the white bone plate, it would suffer greatly. The war machines that the Holy Church would create could only be controlled by the forces of Hell.

It turned out that dealing with demons was a high-risk business.

Fortunately, Chambord had extensive knowledge about godly runes as well as the dark power of Hell. Also, Dark Demonic Armor Basturk who could be called the No.1 Traitor of Hell helped a lot, so the two mad scientists completely recreated the real war machine creation technique, and they planned to build the first one soon.

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