Chapter 951: Sealed Space (Part One)

Through the information that Dark Demonic Armor Basturk revealed, Chambord learned that it was using the fake Holy Code of Hell to trade for the 19 Sun-Class Lords and the three peak Moon-Class Elites from the Holy Church. The purpose of this was that it wanted to use the soul energy and core energy of these masters to power a secret array of Hell, trying to release the 72 demons who were sealed in the space under the Royal Palace of Anji.

It didn’t try to use zombie emperors since the zombies were undead creatures without souls or intelligence, so they didn’t fit the requirement for the secret array.

While Fei and Basturk discussed this, the king murmured and reminded himself that it was about time to check out the sealed space mentioned in the journal.

The situation inside the Royal Palace of Anji finally came to an end.

On the 100th day, [Black Pearl] returned from Chambord City.

On the way back, Captain Sparrow even took his crew members to plunder the Sea of Fragrance, obtaining quite a few resources from the Leon Empire. He finally got to experience the life of a hyperspace pirate, and it was a little addicting.

During the afternoon of that day, Cain, Akara, and their dozens of talented apprentices moved all the experimental equipment and the fruits of their labor onto the barge, starting the long journey home.

The temporary laboratory had limited capabilities. The next step in this research project was to create mystical gold war machines, and it had to be done back at the laboratory in Chambord City. Besides, the runes and magic arrays had to be created by the busty Blacksmith Charsi and her apprentices, so returning to Chambord was the only option right now.

As the most valuable resource and material in this research project, Dark Demonic Armor Basturk was taken as well.

Fei planted seeds of light power and spirit energy into this demon. If it wanted to rebel, Fei would instantly notice it, and he could make this spineless demon beg for death to end its suffering. After all, Basturk had experienced the excruciating pain several times, and this biggest traitor of Hell in the last thousands of years already submitted to Fei. It expressed its 100 percent loyalty and was willing to listen to all of Fei’s commands; it didn’t dare to bear any evil thoughts.

However, Fei didn’t plan on ditching the Capital of Anji.

This majestic and ancient city was managed and strengthened by the Anji Empire for many years. The Undead Creature Catastrophe had killed all the residents of the city, but this resulted in minimal damage to the infrastructure such as magic defensive arrays, buildings, defense work, shops, worship palaces, houses, markets, and sewage system. It would take hundreds of years to build another city like this. Therefore, why shouldn’t Chambord take over this deserted city?

Fei already decided to turn the Capital of Anji into a hidden military base of Chambord.

In the last half a month, Fei spent a lot of time and energy on engraving many light magic arrays on the defense walls of the city; it was so dense that people would feel dizzy just looking at the engravings.

Fei’s Paladin character purified every single inch of land in the city, and the death energy of Hell was nowhere to be found. Right now, the Capital of Anji was suitable for humans to live in, and people in the city didn’t need to worry about the city being attacked by zombies and monsters; this was like a paradise during the end of the world.

Now, Fei planned to start to move people to this place.

However, many zombies, advanced zombies, and mutated demon beasts were still wandering on the plain in the region that was hundreds of kilometers around the city.

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