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Hail the King Chapter 951.2

Chapter 951: Sealed Space (Part Two)

After this long period, high-level monsters started to emerge and appear, and their overall strength significantly increased. In fact, several zombie emperors had appeared from leveling up, and they dominated over small regions in the area.

Now, these monsters created an unbreakable natural barrier.

Since Fei already set up sizeable light magic arrays around the borders of the Anji Empire, these zombies and monsters were sandwiched between the giant magic arrays on the borders and the smaller magic arrays around the Capital of Anji. In a sense, they were being captured by Fei, and they could only live on this land. They could become more vicious and evolve, but they couldn’t move to another place to spread death and the power of Hell.

Therefore, unless real masters came, this large number of monsters blocked off other people such as spies and troops. Now, entering the territory of the former Anji Empire was close to impossible; it was impossible for ordinary people or warrior and mages with weak strength.

Now, Chambord could run some forbidden experiments in this place in peace.

Besides, with the strengthened super-long-distance magic teleportation arrays, it wasn’t a problem to transport people and resources to this place.

After seeing off [Black Pearl], Fei and Undead Mage Hazel Bank stayed behind.

According to the information in the journal, Fei released his spirit energy and used some techniques, finally discovering the mysterious sealed space; it was indeed about 2,000 meters underground.

From the information that Fei learned from the feedback of the spirit energy, that space should be a small world that existed on its own in the void, completely separated off from the outside world. To be honest, if it weren’t for the directions and hints given in the journal of the New Emperor of Anji, as well as Fei’s radar-like spirit energy scanning, other people wouldn’t even be able to find this place. Looking through another lens, the entrance to this space was only a light sphere about the size of a fist, and it was inside layers of rocks.

“This silver light sphere should be the entrance to that mysterious sealed space.”

Since both Fei and Hazel Bank reached high-level of strength, it was easy to move through soil and get deep into the ground. Soon, they broke through the land and entered the mysterious space through the light sphere entrance.

“This is… a real vacuum?”

“Are we teleported into the cosmos?”

As soon as these two entered the strange, new space, they were startled; they were completely shocked by what they saw.

This was a vast, black space, and it looked like the real cosmos. Faint and weak star lights could be seen from afar, and they were fascinating and brilliant. An ancient, profound, and mysterious sensation permeated the air, making people feel like it was the beginning of the universe as vicissitude permeated the air. The turbid yet majestic pressure was so grand that Fei and Hazel Bank both had a hard time breathing properly.

In the middle of this brilliant, star-filled space, 72 giant ‘stone eggs’ floated in the air.

These ‘stone eggs’ were of various sizes, but even the smallest had a diameter of more than ten kilometers, looking like a small meteorite. Right now, they were moving in mysterious patterns while being positioned in various places in the ‘cosmos’, and they slowly rotated and revolved.

If one paid closer attention, they could see that each ‘stone egg’ had a rough surface, and dust layered on top of them for many years. Through the dust, streaks of red, lava-like flames could be seen all around them like the spider-web, and they would flash every ten seconds as if they were beating hearts, emitting streaks of terrifying death energy through the cracks. The roars and screams could be vaguely heard from the ‘stone eggs’, and it seemed like they were imprisoning terrifying beasts that were trying to escape.

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