Chapter 952: Godly Blood (Part One)

“Are these 72 giant stone eggs containing the 72 sealed demons of Hell?”

Fei and Hazel Bank felt like they were as tiny as ants in front of these giant ‘stone eggs’. When they looked up and observed, they were shocked, and their lips and throats became dry. Now, words couldn’t even describe the emotions and thoughts that they had.

The two finally woke up from the shock after a long while.

“Let’s split up and look around. If any one of us discovers anything, don’t move alone; we have to notify the other person and move together.”

After quickly making the decision, they decided to split up and move on their own.

Fei dashed forward and slowly approached the center of the mysterious sealed space.

The closer he was to these ‘stone eggs’, the more majestic and terrifying Fei found them to be.

These giant stone pieces weren’t born in nature. Fei could tell that on their surface, two kinds of powers, both holy and evil, were fighting with each other and intertwined. Both sensations contained fragments of godly laws. Even a bit of leaked energy could wipe out a powerful Sun-Class Lord.

“Such a terrifying place!”

Fei had been through hundreds of battles and had an iron-like will that was trained in the Hell-like Diablo World. However, when he passed by the giant ‘stone eggs’ one by one, the horrifying auras of these ‘eggs’ shocked the king and made him feel a strong sense of fear. It felt like the demons imprisoned inside the ‘stone eggs’ could break out and devour him at any time.

With his guard up, Fei traveled in between the ‘stone eggs’ with caution.


“Oh god! This is…”

In the center of all the ‘stone eggs’, there was a giant ‘stone egg’ that was way larger than its peers. It was still slowly spinning, but Fei didn’t notice it since other things blocked his vision.

If the other ‘stone eggs’ were like subordinates, this enormous ’stone egg’ would be like the unreachable emperor. All other ‘stone eggs’ spun themselves and circled this giant ‘strong egg’ like loyal guards protecting their lord.

Also, different from other ‘stone eggs’, its surface wasn’t grey and rough. Instead, it was smooth like a mirror, and black and white flames burned on it in alternating patterns. Also, life energy could be clearly sensed from it, making it seem like an egg that was nurturing something inside. When Fei got closer to this ‘stone egg’ in shock, he was stunned that strands of red chains that were the thickness of wine barrels wrapped around the surface of this ‘stone egg’. Since the size of this ‘stone egg’ was so large, the red chains looked like thin hair strands from afar. Therefore, the king didn’t notice it prior.

“These are… godly runes? Ancient godly runes?”

Fei carefully got close and was stunned to find golden images that were the size of a palm blinking on the red chains. These godly runes connected densely. With the godly light flashing on them, the limitless-looking red chains also started to move. Infused with godly power, the red chains wrapped around the giant ‘stone egg’ layer by layer. However, they were still moving around as if they had minds of their own.

“Strange chain. Red color… what material is it made of? It can tie down this bright sphere, so it shouldn’t be ordinary.”

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