Chapter 953: One Day in Heaven, One Year on Land (Part One)

Fei didn’t dare to hesitate at all. Like a flash of lightning, he dashed toward the direction that the noise had come from.

After quickly passing more than 20 giant stone eggs, Fei finally saw the Undead Mage, and his heart that was in his throat went back down into his chest. Nothing terrifying happened; the Undead Mage only gasped since he made a discovery.

“Quickly look at this…” The Undead Mage beckoned at Fei and pointed at a giant stone egg that had a diameter of about 26 kilometers.

Fei looked in the direction that Hazel Bank was pointing at, and his pupils instantly contracted in the next moment.

“The seal is broken…”

This giant stone egg looked to be intact, but a crack that was more than one kilometer long and 100 meters wide appeared on the bottom. The black crack looked like a giant mouth that had a mocking smile, and a dark-red gale was blowing out of it, creating loud whistling noises. On the edge of the crack, pieces of broken strands of red chains fluttered in the wind.

Different from other stone eggs that had life energy emitting from them, this giant stone egg was silent and dead without any movement inside. Like an egg that already gave birth to a chicken, it looked complete but only had a shell on the outside.

Fei and Hazel Bank looked at each other, and their hearts sunk.

Without question, the demon of Hell that was sealed inside this giant stone egg already escaped.

It meant that a terrifying demon from the Mythical Era had now escaped to the Azeroth Continent, and no one knew where it was hiding. Now, it must be spectating the situation with humans while trying to recover its strength. Once the opportunity appeared, it was going to create a limitless blood storm on the continent.

The tragedy of humans could be predicted by now.

Fei thought back to the combat between him and Dark Demonic Armor Basturk. The terrifying force that dashed out of the Death God Sickle and that streak of black flame might be this demon that had escaped. Unfortunately, Fei wasn’t able to eliminate it before it recovered its strength.

“Hazel, you can guard the outside; I will go inside and take a look.” Fei thought for a bit and made the decision.

“This…” The Undead Mage looked hesitant, and he said worryingly, “Don’t do that. This place looks evil and extremely dangerous. Once inside, if there…”

This man didn’t finish his words, but Fei already knew what he wanted to say.

“That is fine.” Fei emitted his spirit energy and scanned inside. After not detecting any danger, he smiled and said, “I’m confident in this.”

“Ok then, but just be careful. If there is anything wrong, get out of it right away.”

Fei lightly nodded and instantly dashed into the giant stone egg through the sizeable black crack.

“Terrifying! The pressure inside this stone egg is thousands of times stronger compared to the mysterious sealed space!”

As soon as Fei entered, he sensed the thick darkness that couldn’t be diluted rushing toward him. Then, as if his body were pressed down by a massive rock that weighed more than a million kilograms, his body turned stiff. If he didn’t instantly use the Barbarian’s Anti-Mage Realm, he could have been severely injured by this pressure.

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