Chapter 954: Five Broken Stone Eggs (Part One)

Fei told Hazel Bank about his experience inside the giant stone egg, and the Undead Mage pondered.

“If that is the case, these 72 giant stone eggs all have different independent spaces inside. These spaces were created by powerful techniques to seal these demons of Hell. Such a terrifying power! Even if we are back at the Mythical Era where masters were everywhere, only the godly-king-level masters could have this power.”

“Being able to seal 72 demons of Hell is already terrifying enough; they are like gods in Hell. However, we can’t ignore one possibility; perhaps it was a group of people instead of one person who sealed the demons…”

Fei suddenly thought of something while he stared at this giant broken stone egg, and he smiled and said, “However, it isn’t important to figure out who created this place. More importantly… don’t you think that this interesting difference in the speed of time is very beneficial to us?”

“You mean?” The Undead Mage’s eyes lit up.

However, he quickly shook his head and said, “Time passes faster inside that space, so it is meaningless for us. In addition, you mentioned that there are no natural elements inside the space, so no warriors or mages could cultivate in there. Except for imprisoning people, I can’t think of another use.”

Fei laughed out loud.

“That is a bit off. Haha! We have a powerful research institute, [Mad Scientists Laboratory]. Those two mad scientists have taught a group of little mad scientists, and nothing could stop this bunch of people. I only need to provide this small world to them, and I’m sure that they could figure out the Law of Time of this space. Besides, I’m not hoping that they could create another world. All that they have to do is to alter the Law of Time and make it go slower inside this space compared to the outside world; that will be more than enough. If that happens, this small world will be beneficial to us.”

The Undead Mage’s eyes lit up, and he said, “That is right; this is a great idea. Chambord has a weaker foundation and lacks accumulation. In this chaotic world, time is the most valuable resource. If the Law of Time inside this small world can be altered to the degree where one day in there equals one minute out here, it will be insane! One year in there will only be 365 minutes out here! Haha! Even if people can’t cultivate in there, we can do other things. For example, if we put the mystical gold armor manufacturing plant in there, a ton of war machines can be built in a short time. Also, we can make all kinds of magic scrolls… It is perfect since it is a natural magic energy vacuum!”

Fei nodded and said, “That is right. However, everything that you said can only be done if one condition is met.”

“Yeah. We have to make sure that this sealed space and this giant stone egg are completely safe; there can’t be any hidden danger.”

“That is right.” Fei nodded and said, “Since this is the case, let’s do what we did before and look around individually. We have to count how many demons of Hell actually escaped. Also, we need to inspect the sealed eggs and estimate how long they can last. Then, we need to figure out if there is a way to strengthen the seals on these stone eggs. We will plan the rest once these are figured out.”

The Undead Mage nodded, and he dashed to the right to search.

Fei paused for a second before dashing to the left.

This sealed space was as grand as the cosmos, and it was boundless. It required a lot of energy and time to search around completely. Even though Fei and Hazel Bank were powerful, rare masters, they only finished searching after a full day.

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