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Hail the King Chapter 955.1

Chapter 955: The Frantic Holy Church (Part One)

Since such a terrifying sealed space was under the Capital of Anji, Chambord slowed down the modification speed of this empty city. In fact, Akara and Cain temporarily stopped the plan of creating more mystical gold war machines, and they rushed back to the Anji Empire without hesitation. Under the protection of masters such as Hazel Bank, Torres, Drogba, and Pierce, they started to research the secrets and mysteries of the godly blood chains in hopes that they could get some useful information to strengthen the seals on the giant eggs that were about to break.

On the other hand, Fei got the chance to return to Chambord and spend five days of alone time with his two beautiful queens. Then, he rushed back to the Anji Empire to kill the powerful monsters to obtain more mystical energy to increase his strength.

The king’s focus was still on the Paladin character and the Barbarian character. Fortunately, there were hundreds of millions of zombies and mutated demon beasts inside the territory of Anji, and it was difficult to kill them all. As time passed by, many of them evolved and leveled up. With the increase in strength, the mystical energy inside their bodies also grew greater. For now, these monsters could support Fei’s killing speed and allow him to level up for a while.

At the same time, it seemed like the situation on the Azeroth Continent got even more chaotic. Based on the information delivered to Fei via the [Letter Office], the king learned that massive changes took place!

In less than half a year, thousands of empires in all five regions on the Azeroth Continent collapsed and turned into dust in the flames of war, and many living beings died in the chaos. Many famous masters had fallen in the wars, many large and ancient cities were razed to the ground, and many civilizations were wiped out completely!

The Chaos Era had arrived on the continent in full force, and the empires were fighting with each other for the sake of battling. All the heroes and schemers became frantic and lost their cool.

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No one knew if someone were trying to send the information or what, a prophecy started to spread around the continent like the plague.

“The gods in Heaven and demons in Hell have woken up from their long sleep, and the war between gods and demons that had stopped for many years is about to restart. Also, the affiliated races of the two clans are waking up from their sleep as well, and they are going to join the war. Before the real arrival of the Chaos Era, only the true emperors who can unite their regions can be blessed by both the God Clan and the Demon Clan and receive eternal life!”

This ridiculous rumor was quite popular, and it quickly found a market for itself.

In a short time, almost all the traveling poets promoted this prophecy around the world.

When more people talk about a rumor, this rumor will become the truth in many people’s minds.

In the end, most people believed this rumor, and the atmosphere of doomsday and destruction of the world enveloped the entire continent.

Of course, this wasn’t the most shocking news.

In the last while, the most shocking event took place on the Holy Mountain of the Holy Church that was situated on Sicily Island. For some reason, the most powerful and influential figure, Pope Blatter, issued many orders. No one knew if this man’s head were malfunctioning, but he took away Holy Church’s recognition of the three emperors of the three level 9 empires, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus, and he also excommunicated them. In addition, he declared that the evil power controlled the royal families of the three empires, and he summoned believers, priests, and holy knights to crusade against these three empires!

Now, the situation went from bad to worse.

Almost in one moment, the Central Region of Azeroth, which was the most peaceful, was instantly engulfed by the terrifying flames of war.

A wise man who once lived on this continent said that even the purest religion could turn into something more terrifying than demons.

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