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Hail the King Chapter 956.1

Chapter 956: Go Looking for A Person (Part One)

Many intelligence networks worked overtime and overcapacity, trying to figure out the secret behind all this. However, even though many rumors were being passed around, almost none of them were validated.

There was only one thing that many people agreed on.

After thousands of years of growth and expansion, this religious force’s ambition got out of hand and had to be vented. The hypocritical priests finally couldn’t be satisfied by the power of being above the mortal world, and they were very interested in the luxurious lives filled with lust and desire. In almost everyone’s mind, the Holy Church wanted to modify the world and make it have one church but no state; they wanted to take out all empires and be the only force. As a result, the Central Region of Azeroth, where the conflict between the Church and the States was the most intense, became Pope Blatter’s test field.

At the same time, a lot of bad news came from other regions.

Evil God Kluivert that was rumored to have appeared about a year ago finally showed itself again on the continent. This terrifying demonic god of the Sea Tribe seemed to have recovered a portion of its strength, and it destroyed a level 1 empire in the Southern Region and devoured tens of millions of creatures. Finally, it enraged a young lord in the Southern Region. The two battle fiercely, and this demonic god disappeared again.

However, with its appearance, the Sea Tribe that had disappeared for thousands of years came back in a dominating fashion. Like big groups of bees and big herds of army ants, they appeared in the Aegean Sea in the Southern Region, and they blocked and killed all the military and merchant ships. For a while, they even went on land and destroyed hundreds of cities around the Aegean Sea and killed many humans. In the end, the human masters and the human empires couldn’t hold back their anger, and a war between the two races began.

The worst news so far was that other rare races which had disappeared for a long time also showed their faces on this continent.

Some people claimed that they saw elf masters in the forests, and some people said that they saw dwarf masters buying iron ores and that they seemed to be making military arms. More shocking was that some people stated that they saw giant dragons flying in the air above the Mystery Sea by the edge of the Eastern Region!

All kinds of rumors flowed on the continent; it seemed like all races except for Orcs had appeared.

The changes on the continent made people feel anxious.

For most people, they were willing to be dogs during peace instead of humans during the chaos. Most of the ordinary people felt this way at this moment. Chaotic times were the best for heroes, giving them great opportunities. However, for ordinary people, they desired peace and survival.

In comparison, the weakest Northern Region was the most peaceful currently.

After Emperor Yassin became a demi-god, almost no war broke out in the Northern Region. The Leon Empire and the Zenit Empire kept peace with logic. Of course, the Anji Empire that was still experiencing the Undead Creature Catastrophe was an exception; people’s faces would change color when talking about it as if it were a poisonous snake or scorpion.

Human Emperor Alexander of the North also got famous along with the Anji Empire. This powerful young lord who could counter the undead energy got famous after defeating Young Lord Reus of Ormond. He became a powerhouse who could rival people like Emperor Yassin of Zenit and Emperor Juninho of Leon, and many people looked up to him.


Chaos! Chaos! Chaos!

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    • noodletowntranslated

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