Chapter 958: Golden Elf King Bloodline (Part One)

In the blink of an eye, the Mythical Palace at the bottom of the underground ocean was visible.

It was hard to tell which god created the white energy barrier outside the Mythical Palace. Now, Fei could easily break it with his strength, but he didn’t want to damage this place.

Although the Mythical Gates weren’t opening yet, it wasn’t a problem to bypass this energy barrier with the [Throne of Chaos] in hand.

An energy flame flashed by, and Fei and the throne appeared inside the energy barrier.

When Fei first came here and entered the Mythical Palace, he was only a little Nine-Star Warrior, and he had to be cautious and calculative, taking each step in a bit of fear. Now, he was in the Demi-God Realm. With one foot already in the realm of gods, the danger in this place could no longer threaten him, and the natural pressure could do little to him.

The king marched forward using big steps, and each step covered several kilometers. Soon, he had already appeared in the level 35 region and arrived at the teleportation array platform.

Since the time wasn’t right, this platform couldn’t be used.

Fei used the same trick and entered the core region using the space-traveling ability of the [Throne of Chaos].

This core region was a small world on its own. It was a mysterious space, and the natural elements were abundant inside. Also, the laws of nature were clear, and it essentially kept and maintained the laws of nature from the Mythical Era. Any warriors cultivating here could achieve double the results in half the time. Greeneries could be seen everywhere as primitive forest and grassland filled the ground, and the air was refreshing, making this place seem like a paradise.

Many godly herbs that had gone extinct in the outside world were growing on the fertile soil; they were precious and couldn’t even be bought outside.

This was like the garden of the gods.

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Those masters who were fortunate enough to come here with Fei received a lot of benefits, getting their hands on many super potent godly herbs.

The person who Fei was looking for was inside this small world; Fei took him here half a year ago.

After looking at the sky and confirming the direction, Fei dashed toward the north like a flash of lightning, tearing the space apart.

This place was vast and was a world on its own.

About half an hour later, Fei arrived at a mountain range. The mountains were tall and steep, and the forests on them were vibrant and green. Finally, a streak of powerful yet strange energy appeared in front of the king, and two strong green energy flames accompanied it.

Fei smiled and lightly altered his aura before dashing forward.


As it someone detected the invasion, an energy fluctuation appeared, and a green light dashed across the sky and aimed at Fei like a bolt of lightning. At the same time, loud whistling noises sounded.

This green light contained a streak of powerful life energy. It was as vast as the plain and as aggressive as the ocean during a tsunami. Also, it was sharp and persistent like the roots of plants, able to penetrate everything it wanted in an unstoppable fashion.

“Hahaha! Such a sharp strike! However, is this how you greet an old friend?”

Fei waved his hand and easily caught the green light. It was an arrow created by pure wood-elemental warrior energy, and it had a metallic luster. Right now, the fletching on the arrow was still vibrating, and the power inside it was strong. With Fei’s strength, his wrist was still numbed by it.

The power of this arrow wasn’t weak.

At this moment, a beam of green light soared into the sky.

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