Chapter 959: I Have an Interesting Idea (Part One)

While chatting and laughing, they arrived at a green and quiet mountain; this was where Akinfeev had been living in the last while.

There was a simple straw house at the peak of the mountain, and the mountain spring flowed down from the summit until it reached the foot. Greeneries grew everywhere, and veins intertwined and grew delicately. The plants were vibrant and crystal-like, making this place seem beautiful and dreamy.

“Your Majesty, you are here to ask me some questions, right?” Akinfeev was clever. After learning the situation on the continent from Fei’s brief descriptions, he guessed Fei’s intention of coming here, so he opened the topic actively.

“That is right.” Fei didn’t try to hide anything. He asked directly, “I want to know more about the Elf Clan. Right now, there are many rumors about other races appearing on the continent, including the elf troops. It doesn’t seem like these rumors are all fake. How come these ancient races are all appearing after disappearing for so long? Where did they come from? Perhaps you can give me some clues.”

Fei didn’t come here for no reason.

Akinfeev had the Elf King Bloodline, and his father was mysterious and quite powerful. It was clear that Akinfeev’s family was connected to the ancient Elf Clan, so this young man must know something.

After a moment of silence, Akinfeev waved his hand and signaled the two half-elf maids to leave.

Then, he turned around and said to Fei earnestly, “These things are secretive. To put it more seriously, it concerns the fate of the Elf Clan. Theoretically, I should keep it as a top-secret, and I shouldn’t tell anyone. However, when my father planned for my trip, he told me that I no longer have to bear the so-called mission as an elf, and I’m no longer a part of the Elf Clan. If I can meet a lord that deserves my loyalty, I should focus on it and live on. Hehe, I don’t mind you laughing, but I have already treated myself as a Chambordian since a year ago. Therefore, since Your Majesty is here to ask me these questions personally, I will tell you everything that I know.

Fei nodded and said, “I already thought of you as a Chambordian since a while ago. We are friends, right?”

Akinfeev laughed and nodded, and he said, “It is my honor. That is right, I know a few things about the Elf Clan. When I was home, I came into contact with some ancient documents, recording what happened near the end of the Mythical Era. At that time, nature changed drastically, and one kind of terrifying enemies appeared. Even both gods and demons couldn’t do anything. The affiliated races all suffered heavy losses, and they almost went extinct. However, the clans and races that were powerful still reacted in time. The masters in these clans had godly powers, and they all created contingency plans for their races. Some of them created small worlds and opened independent spaces in the void. Then, the most talented descendants were meticulously picked to survive. The Elf Clan was no different. In legends, the 36 Guardian Gods of the Queen of Moon Godly Palace sacrificed themselves and burned their godly core energies, creating the mysterious Elf Realm. Then, all the members of the Elf Clan who survived to that point were all transferred into this realm to avoid the tragedy. Therefore, if these documents about my clan are correct, the Elf Clan wasn’t exterminated like most people believe. They have been living and reproducing inside the Elf Realm, and perhaps they have grown powerful as well. Therefore, it isn’t strange that they walked out of the Elf Realm and reappeared on the Azeroth Continent.”

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