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Hail the King Chapter 959.2

Chapter 959: I Have an Interesting Idea (Part Two)

“What about the so-called legendary ancient path at Chambord?” Fei thought of something and asked, “Since you already know about the Elf Realm, why did you still want to find the legendary ancient path?”

“I only found some clues in the ancient documents in my family about the Elf Realm, so I don’t know where the entrance to this realm is and how to get there. Therefore, I wanted to find the legendary ancient path by using my luck. If I could enter the Elf Realm, it would have alleviated my injuries. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything. Also, it seemed like my father was wary of my actions, so he instantly scheduled my leave from the family. I’m still confused; it seemed like he was worried about my safety.”

“Oh, I see.” This was Fei’s first time listening to this, and he pondered. After a while, he asked, “Huh, about the Elf Realm… it is similar to this small world, right? It is an independent space parallel to the Azeroth Continent. Just like hibernating bears, the Elf Clan has been resting and recovering in the Elf Realm?”

Akinfeev nodded and added, “Perhaps they already started to move around the continent long ago. It is just that most people don’t know. For example, my family, my bloodline…” While he said that, he pointed at the two cute half-elf maids. “For example, them.”

“The ancient races have already appeared on the continent, and they have been growing their forces in secret? Penetrating human society?” Fei was shocked by this hypothesis, and he thought to himself, “This is terrifying! It is like a spy movie! However, the appearance of Akinfeev’s father’s family itself says a lot.”

“The Elf Clan wasn’t the most powerful race in the Mythical Era. Since they used this method to avoid the tragedy and pass on the bloodline, other races such as dragon, goblin, and orc must have used their own methods of escaping all that.” Akinfeev thought for a moment and said, “Therefore, the rumors about people seeing these races on the continent might not be false.”

“What you said is interesting.” Fei rubbed his chin and said while pondering, “They haven’t appeared for thousands of years, so why did they all come out recently? Do you know why?”

“This… there are many reasons. For example, I have heard people say that the laws of nature on the Azeroth Continent are slowly changing, gradually shifting back to how it was during the Mythical Era. Perhaps, the small worlds that the masters created thousands of years ago are coming to an end, so they are forced to come back.”

“Yeah, it seems like what you said make sense.” Fei instantly thought of another question, and he asked, “Since the various ancient races used these methods to help their descendants live on, I guess the legend about the ancient path at Chambord is nothing but a rumor? How come out of all the rumors right now, there is no information on the Orc Clan? Could it be that this powerful and war-loving race in the Mythical Era went extinct?”

“This is strange. Perhaps the orcs had bad luck and were wiped out. After all, in the legends, the Orc Race didn’t excel in magic, so perhaps they weren’t able to create their small world.” Akinfeev didn’t overthink about it.

“Now that you have advanced into the Sun-Class Realm, you aren’t afraid of the pressure of nature in the outside world, and you can return now. With your strength, you are a master who can dominate over a region. Do you have any plans?” Fei suddenly changed the topic.

Akinfeev smiled and said, “I already said that I’m a Chambordian. I will do whatever Your Majesty wishes.”

“I have an interesting idea.” Fei’s smile was strange.

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