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Hail the King Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Shocked Once Again

                The contract signed between Elena and Fei was the [Employment Contract], and the ones signed by other female rogues and Fei were more equal [Friendship Contracts].

As for the aunty nun Ankara, she just forced Fei to sign an [Apprenticeship Contract] with her.

This meant that Fei had to take some time every day to study the mysterious pharmacology, magic scroll manufacturing and other complex and profound knowledge. He didn’t know why, but aunty nun Ankara had very high hopes for Fei, believing that this brave adventurer could inherit her mysterious skills.

After sending away all the people, Fei came back to the stone hall.

Sitting down on his stone chair, he placed his hand on the smooth desktop.

Fei thought about his future plans in his head – if he could kidnap Ankara and Charsi who had magical potion-making and forging skills into the real world, this would definitely have a significant effect on the future development of Chambord city. He decided to select a batch of talented kids from the [Chambord Civil and Military School] and let them become Ankara and Charsi’s apprentices to learn their skills. It would be best to acquire these magical skills for use in Chambord city.

A great man had once said that education must start with babies.

The series of facts had already verified Fei’s guess, and it also solved all the problems – after signing a variety of contracts, he could now freely summon other people from [Rogue Encampment] under his own magical points’ support.

Except this time, the mercenary leader Kasha, the wretched white beard uncle Kane and some other people did not come with them to the real world, because [Rogue Encampment] still needed someone to stay and guard it. Although the demon boss Andariel of the Rogue Continent had already been killed by Fei, the demons that wandered the wilderness had not completely disappeared. Their strength was weakened, but they could still post a threat to [Rogue Encampment].

After finishing sorting out his ideas, Fei opened up the portal and returned to the diablo world. |This time, he didn’t choose the barbarian class. On the 3D holographic projection screen, he picked a brand new job – druid.

According to the plan, in the next few days, Fei decided to take full advantage of the four hours a day that he could enter the diablo world. He would let all the other characters beat the first small map [Rogue Encampment] to see if he could get any mysterious rewards from the mysterious cold voice when all 7 classes beat the map.

When Fei entered the Diablo to crazily increase his own strength, Chambord city had become increasingly lively because of the king’s ascension ceremony.

Visitors from other countries could be seen along the street.

Some small traders had a keen sense of smell for business opportunities, so they formed small business groups, bustled to the city, and all the streets in Chambord city became filled selling the voice of gods. The city suddenly became incomparably bustling, and the flow of people had more than doubled from before, and even the spacious [Golden Road] had become crowded up.

At this moment, a wave of beautiful young girls attracted a lot of people’s attention.

Among these girls, other than one person completely covered in a purple robe with a covered face, the other people were all wearing simple armor, exposing large areas of white skin. They were dressed simply and humbly, and all of them had an extremely pretty face, like a bunch of little fairies bouncing in the flow of people. As if they had never seen anything before, they asked about this and that and were curious of whatever they saw. The young faces didn’t have the slightest sense of precaution, appearing really naïve, lovely, and innocent, like a group of innocent silly girls.

But with many people coming and going on the streets, although a lot of people were having some kinds of thoughts, no one really dared to go up and chat with the girls.

The reason was very simple.

Although these girls seemed to be very silly, the atmosphere leaked out from their body was not weak at all. This was especially the case for the 20 year old or so girl with flame-like red hair, unparalleled beauty, a jade bone and icy white skin, just like a goddess from heaven. The strangely designed golden color long bow on her back leaked traces of terrifying demonic power, and what was scarier was the insuppressible powerful atmosphere on her body – that was an extremely dangerous feeling, as if a moon crescent blade was out of its sheath.

Moreover, there was one of King Alexander’s favorite “minions” Prison Official Oleg, who was following these girls around like a servant.

There was just too much information revealed from this, so these beautiful girls were likely good friends of King Alexander from outside of Chambord city coming here to congratulate His Majesty for the ascension.

The rogues were happily shopping and enjoying a moment of relaxation.

On the rogue continent, they never enjoyed such a lively scene, and every day they had to be nervous and cautious, ready to face devils and monsters at any time and face the threat of death under the shroud of darkness. They also witnessed their sisters dying miserably in front of them numerous times… But at this moment, the girls finally relaxed the pressure in their hearts, freely enjoying the novelty of the scene that they had never experienced before, just like little birds that were just let out of their cage, beginning to fly around carelessly.

As they were walking, a sudden loud voice sounded in the front.

A lot of people were crowded there looking at something, and from time to time waves of laughter sounded, making the scene exceptionally lively. The girls saw this and became curious and happily went up to watch.

What the joyful girls didn’t notice was that not very far behind them, a few pair of eyes had quietly locked onto them.

“His Royal Highness, they went over. What do we do?”

“Follow them first, do not easily provoke them, find out their background first.”

Underground Cave Maze.

Stone hall.

A deep blue colored portal ripped the space and suddenly appeared, and Fei came out from inside.

He had reached the 4-hour time limit, so he had no choice but to leave the Diablo world.

In the past two hours and a bit, because Fei had already accumulated a lot of experience and skills when playing the other characters, he leveled up quickly and was actually able to incredibly get his Druid’s level to 10, completing three missions: clear out the evil cave, eliminate the traitor blood crow, save the pervert grandpa Kane, in one breath, leaving only three more missions left to beat the first map.

“If I manage my time well, I’ll just need tomorrow to complete these three tasks.”

Fei was full of confidence in leveling up.

At this point, he was still in his [Druid mode], so when he casually waved his hand, the Druid class’s unique chaos elemental energy fluctuation flashed past, and within it, a giant white wolf appeared out of thin air. It came to Fei’s side, and as if it saw its friend, it intimately and gently clung onto Fei’s leg.

The white wolf’s body exuded a thick sense of danger.

This was the Druid’s skill [Summon Wolf Spirit].

This skill had been powered up to level 3 by Fei, so now he could summon 3 white wolves at the same time to battle for him. What was mentionable was that each white wolf had the overall battle power of a one-star warrior and couldn’t be overlooked. Beast summoning skills were one of the Druid’s most powerful skills.

In addition, Fei also had the ability to directly shapeshift into a [Werewolf] and a [Werebear]. After transforming, he would have the wolf’s agility, attack, speed, and the bear’s power and defense.

Currently, he picked the Druid’s summon skills and shapeshift skills, leaving only the elemental skills category blank, mainly because the skills were magic skills, and it was a bit repetitive with the sorcerer class.

After getting a feel of the Druid’s features, Fei held back the urge to turn into a werewolf and run around naked. He switched back to barbarian mode, took out a few high grade gems from his inventory, directly left the underground cave maze and came to the base of Chambord city’s Holy Church.


“Your Majesty, I didn’t expect you to actually come in person. We feel incredibly honored.”

Towards Fei’s arrival, priest Zola and knight leader Luciano were all very surprised and a little afraid. For the ascension ceremony in three days, these two could be said to have put in strenuous effort, as they spent a lot of financial and material resources to please Fei and receive his favor. Now, it seemed to be effective.

“Well, you two have been working hard recently.”

Fei saw the two men’s servant-like faces and was delighted, but he didn’t show any expression on his face. Despite being a guest, he sat down on the only chair in the room like the owner and looked at the two people as they lightly said, “No trouble, no trouble at all. To be able to serve Your Majesty is our honor!” The bearded Luciano was finally clever and hastily replied.

“Well, I will remember you guys.”

Fei looked past the two’s faces. A pure and holy majestic force deliberately emerged from his body, as if a holy god descended from heaven, and then he slowly said, “I came to you guys today because I have something here that need you guys to help me with.”

“Your Majesty, please give us your order, we are willing to give up our lives to serve you.”

The two people heard Fei’s request and were suddenly very happy. What they were most afraid of was if Fei had no need for them. Since he now opened his mouth for help, that was best for them, and it showed that the king was beginning to slowly accept them.

“Well, okay then. I will be blunt,” Fei said, and with a flip of his palm, four high quality gems appeared in his hands, containing a sparking attractive light. “Use the church’s channels, and convert these high quality sorcerer stones all into the lowest level of low quality sorcerer stones.”

“Oh god, these are actually high tier sorcerer stones… my lord, and this pierce of sorcerer stone with surging fire elemental energy, could this be the rare perfect sorcerer stones? Your Majesty, this…” Mazola couldn’t help but exclaimed. The only thing Mazola could feel were his dry lips and his blanks eyes.

Fei couldn’t blame these two for reacting this way, since it’s just that the value of these stones in his hands were way too high.

The worst one among them could already be exchanged for at least 100 low grade sorcerer stones, and just two of them alone was enough to beat the whole box of low grade sorcerer stones’ values which the two contributed to Fei a few days ago. Not mentioning the other one high-tier sorcerer’s stone and one perfect quality sorcerer stone, even if they were to be exchanged, the value was still going to be incredible, almost reaching millions of low grade sorcerer stones. For people like the duo that would even feel bad for a few days about a box of sorcerer stones, this was no doubt an incredible wealth.

“So? Could it be… you guys can’t do it?” Looking at the way the dumbfounded duo, Fei frowned and asked.

“Ah… No, no, it can be converted, it can definitely be converted! It’s just going to take time, maybe a little more time.” Mazola seemed to have woken up from a dream and hastily replied.

His heart was still currently beating crazily, as this was definitely a golden opportunity for him. The high grade sorcerer stones, especially the perfect ones, were extremely scarce. If they could use the church’s channel to exchange for it, it would definitely be a great merit, and it could leave a good image in Pope Sergiyeli’s mind.

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