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Hail the King Chapter 960.1

Chapter 960: Heading to the West (Part One)

About an hour later, Fei exited from the water well area of Dual-Flag City with Akinfeev and his two cute half-elf maids.

According to the plan that they made already, the three elves didn’t go to the hotel where Fei was staying. Instead, they said farewells and turned into three beams of light, disappearing into the darkness.

After a slight pause, Fei went straight back to the hotel. His goal of this trip was accomplished, so he relaxed a little.

It was deep into the night, and his two queens were sleeping well.

Although Elena didn’t feel much fatigue after wandering the city for a while day, Angela was weaker and felt exhausted. When Fei returned, she was having a sweet dream.

Seeing the sweet smiles on the two beauties’ faces, Fei’s heart was about to melt.

Fei sat by the bed and lightly kissed his lovers’ cheeks before carefully observing their faces, and a gentle smile gradually appeared on his face.

While recalling all the things that had happened between them, either big or small, this supreme lord who was decisive and murderous gradually turned into a normal man who had a deep love for his wives.

After quietly sitting there for a while, Fei entered Diablo World and started to level up.

Right now, Fei had passed Hell Mode Diablo World with his Barbarian, Paladin, Assassin, Druid, and Necromancer. Fei was playing his Sorceress character, and this character was quite powerful already. Only the Amazon wasn’t that important to Fei, so it was placed at the last spot, and the Amazon character was still at Nightmare Mode level 14.

In the last few days, the rumors about the appearance of other races spread around, causing many discussions. Also, the Holy Church was behaving strangely, making Fei feel an even stronger sense of danger. Therefore, he had to quickly pass Hell Mode Diablo World with all seven of his characters, and he hoped that he could get some useful rewards to improve his strength even further.

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-In the sky-

While engulfed in green energy flames, Akinfeev and his two cute half-elf maids were flying toward the Western Region of Azeroth.

Akinfeev was wearing a set of golden armor, and it was appearing and disappearing as his mind commanded while a pleasantly surprised expression stayed on his face.

Every time the golden armor flashed, a brilliant star power would appear in the sky and correspond with it. The profound and deep energy was sharp and full of vicissitude, and it was terrifying. Although it wasn’t vast in volume, it was a type of high-level energy.

It was a Star Saint Set; it seemed like he and Fei reached some agreements.

“Master, have you really decided to serve for the King of Chambord?”

One of the half-elf maids with the long green hair asked, “Master, you have merged the Golden Elf King Bloodline into your body and activated the power and strength of the ancient Elf God. In a short time, almost no one on the continent will be able to rival you. Even when you find the Elf Clan, you will be the unique and unparalleled lord, and you will have the strength to battle other forces.”

“I don’t want to battle other forces even if I become the ruler of the Elf Clan.” Akinfeev shook his head and said, “In terms of competition, perhaps there will be people who could fight with the King of Chambord, but it wouldn’t be me. Right now, the demons are making chaos, and the gods are showing themselves as well. The Azeroth Continent is no longer the same land that had been dominated by humans for thousands of years. As the laws of nature restore, the schemes and plans created during the Mythical Era will be set in operation. Only those with great fortune and power can try to fight for the only godly throne. This battle is determined to be bloody and tragic, and I can’t bear it. What can I do even though I have the Golden Elf King Bloodline? If this bloodline is truly unrivaled, how come six Golden Elf Kings fell in the godly battle in the ancient times?”

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