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Hail the King Chapter 960.2

Chapter 960: Heading to the West (Part Two)

The other half-elf maid nodded and said with a little bit of understanding, “Master, you are right. I also feel like the King of Chambord is a terrifying person; it seems like there is nothing that he can’t do. It isn’t unacceptable to serve a person like him. Besides, we owe him a lot. If it weren’t for him, Master would…”

“Eh, perhaps I would have been killed by the conflict between the laws of nature and my bloodline; how could I achieve this height?” Akinfeev smiled and said, “Also, if it weren’t for Alexander His Majesty, how could you two reach Nine-Star? You two should try to drop the haughtiness of elves and be more respectfully in front of His Majesty. Now, King Alexander is also your master!”

“We understand, Master!” the two maids answered and nodded.

“I hope this trip will be smooth. If we can find them, we could potentially eliminate a war.” Akinfeev looked at the distance west, looking a bit worried.

-Morning of the Second Day-

Fei, Elena, and Angela wanted to leave Dual-Flag City and keep the low-profile.

However, Ribry and other officials had been managing Dual-Flag City for a while, so they had many scouts; these scouts discovered the arrival of the king and two queens.

Ribry didn’t dare to bother Fei at night, so he and the various officials and nobles respectfully waited at the gate of the hotel on the second day morning.

The owner of the hotel and other customers were shocked by this setup.

Ribry and others had high-level prestige in the city, and almost everyone, from street vendors to wealthy nobles, knew about this just and kind mayor.

Seeing this scene, many people thought to themselves, “Who could it be? So many high-level figures are here. Mr. Mayor came here in person. Could it be…”

When they learned the answer, the entire Dual-Flag City was moved.

Almost everyone rushed toward the hotel.

After this incident, this hotel also got famous in the city. Many people wanted to stay in the room that the King of Chambord rested in, and they treated it as an honor.

Fei didn’t expect that he would cause such a scene.

However, it would be a little disrespectful if he snuck out now. Therefore, he arrived downstairs and went to the Mayoral Mansion with Ribry, and he and his queens stayed in Dual-Flag City for another day to participate in some parties and events.

Of course, he also took some time and tutored Ribry and other military commanders in terms of cultivation. Ribry was a Five-Star Warrior about a year ago, and the commanders under him were all talented. After about a year’s worth of hard work, Dual-Flag City now had three Moon-Class Elites and six masters above Seven-Star. This city was now quite powerful in comparison to other border cities.

Dual-Flag City was seen as Fei’s force by many people in Zenit, and it wasn’t far from the truth. Therefore, Fei was pleased that Ribry and others were getting stronger.

After a day, the three left Dual-Flag City and returned to Chambord.

Chambord City changed a lot during this past year.

The immigration plan that was set up half a year ago was almost finished, and 99% of Chambord’s elite force and the population have moved to Sky City. Chambord City was modified into a terrifying and vicious military fortress, and the New City of Trade outside Chambord City now had a population of more than 100,000; it was still expanding by the day. The grass plain on the south bank of Zuli River was completely covered by buildings and tents.

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