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Hail the King Chapter 961.1

Chapter 961: Drastic Change in Chambord’s Strength (Part One)

The changes that took place in Chambord City were absolutely stunning.

With the immigration plan and the construction of the new city on the south bank of Zuli River, Chambord City became a military fortress.

Since Chambord City was built in ancient times and got passed down, all the buildings in the city were made with giant stones, and they were very firm and sturdy. It wasn’t hard to modify and change the city.

After almost all the residents in Chambord City moved to Sky City, everything in Chambord City was militarized, and this city became a super fortress that was armed to the teeth.

The defense wall that was firm to begin with was partially destroyed by the magic cannons on the Xuan’ge of Ormond. Afterwards, it was rebuilt with many ancient building techniques recorded in [Demon King’s Wisdom]. Each stone brick was engraved with magic arrays, and the defense wall was more than 30 meters tall and as tough as steel. Under the sunshine, it gave off a metallic luster.

The existence of these magic arrays gave the defense wall more functionalities, aside from making it stronger.

These changes could rarely be seen during normal days, but they would appear when enemies tried to siege the city. Those poor souls would realize in frustration that all kinds of magic attacks such as fireballs, ice arrows, and stone spikes could shoot out of the defense wall under the power of the Chambordian mages.

The battlements and watchtowers on the defense wall were constructed based on the most scientific calculations, and they wouldn’t be damaged by any warrior energy or magic energy attacks under Six-Star. Therefore, the tragic incident of the defense wall collapsing wouldn’t happen again so easily.

Between the battlements, the [Dragon-Slayers], which were giant crossbows, were placed with perfect strategic arrangement. The arrows were fully loaded, and the metal arrowheads reflected chilly light. Each magic arrow shot by the magic crossbow could kill a low-tier Moon-Class Elite.

These densely-placed chained magic tornado penetration crossbows required 1,000 people to operate, and they could shoot out 100,000 arrows continuously in 15 minutes. The arrows could cover a large area, creating an arrow storm.

The buildings inside the city were modified to fit the needs for combat first. Most of the residential buildings and public infrastructures were turned into magic blockhouses and anti-air towers.

Right now, Chambord City was already a murderous fortress filled with all kinds of mechanical traps and magic arrays. Outsiders who knew little about this city could never make it back out alive.

The most eye-catching buildings were the many statues placed in almost every corner of the city. These statues were all based on the king’s look and figure.

In the city, there would be one of Fei’s statues that was about 10 meters tall in every 100 meters. The bases of the statues were engraved with dense and complicated patterns and runes; these were the various shrines that were from Diablo World. For example, there were [Health Shrines], [Stamina Shrines], [Skill Shrines], [Armor Shrines], [Exploding Shrines], and [Mana Recharge Shrines].

After the [Mad Scientists’ Laboratory] decoded the runes on them, these shrines could be created and used in real life.

With the existence of these shrines, once in battle, Chambordian mages could activate these shrines, and all kinds of buffs and auras would envelop the entire city. These shrines that were only useful toward Chambordians could quickly heal up dying warriors and soldiers, increase their strength and stamina, boost their speed, and enhance their defense. These buffs stacked on top of one another would bring the enemies of Chambord nightmares and make them experience mental collapse.

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