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Hail the King Chapter 961.2

Chapter 961: Drastic Change in Chambord’s Strength (Part Two)

While 99 percent of Chambord City was reconstructed, the structure of the military of Chambord was also modified and updated.

Except for close to 80 Saints who were all above Five-Star, Chambord now had its very own legion.

This was no doubt a terrifying troop. Although there were only 30,000 soldiers, they were all insanely strong compared to ordinary soldiers. Under the empowerment of [Hulk Potion], even a groom in the legion was a Star-Level Warrior and had insane physical strength. Also, there were more than 15,000 soldiers who were on and above Three-Star.

Their loyalty was checked many times, and they would obey 100 percent of the king’s commands after the spirit energy ties started working after they drank [Hulk Potion].

This was a legion made up of pure Star-Level Warriors and Mages. Under the command of strategists such as Old Aryang, they could fight with close to one million ordinary soldiers.

Except for that, Chambord’s navy and air force also grew out of their infancy.

After obtaining the techniques behind the creation of Xuan’ge, Chambord’s underground arsenal created [Black Pearl] and [Cyclops], which were two giant Xuan’ge. Besides, they purchased a lot of raw material and created six medium Xuan’ge that could each carry 200 soldiers and 20 small Xuan’ge that could each transport about 20 soldiers.

Now, with [Black Pearl] and [Cyclops] included, Chambord had an air force that could move 5,000 soldiers. With each Chambordian soldier being so strong, this air force could rival the Eindhoven Empire’s Griffin Legion which was comprised of 10,000 soldiers and one Xuan’ge Legion of Ormond which comprised of 20,000 soldiers.

At the same time, Chambordians’ desire for a powerful navy was never weakened. Except for [King Alexander], Chambord built six Reverse Whale Battleships that were on the same scale. These ships could all submerge underwater and carried powerful magic cannons and crossbows. In addition, Chambord’s underground arsenal built more than 20 smaller vessels from the blueprints in [Demon King’s Wisdom]. These ships couldn’t go underwater, but they were agile and fast, and they could be called giant ship killers.

Among the various empires in the Northern Region that didn’t focus on building their navies, this naval force was the most powerful in the area.

Without exaggeration, Chambord’s real strength had increased more than 100 times in the last year. Of course, this excluded Fei, the insanely powerful master, and the Demon Beast Legion that was hiding in the Endless Sea of Forests behind Chambord.

The Demon Beast Legion had grown under Queen Angela’s meticulous management and care. More than 50 supreme King-level Demon Beasts joined the legion, and there were other weaker but smart demon beasts in the legion that lived in big groups. This legion was one of the trump cards that Chambord had.

To summarize the situation, except for Fei who was a demi-god, the most powerful and dangerous figure that Chambord had during wars was Queen Angela who looked weak and fragile. As long as she was in Chambord and had the Endless Sea of Forests behind her, she could summon a countless number of demon beasts on her own and create an invincible troop.

Right now, Chambord could rival any empire in the Northern Region; it was probably even stronger than the Zenit Empire.

If the military were only an external threat and a demonstration of power, Chambord’s achievements in other fields could crush the other empires as well. The kingdom had already created an internal system that required little alteration and could bring Chambord a great future.

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