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Hail the King Chapter 962.1

Chapter 962: Chambord’s Education System (Part One)

Of course, the internal system referred to Chambord’s education system.

Based on the king’s belief from his previous life, all Chambordians believed that the children had to get the necessary education regardless of how poor their families were. With this foundation, Chambord had established a universal education system where all the children of Chambordians could enter the cultivation, magic, and various other academies. In addition, the children who showed more talent would be enrolled in Chambord’s Civil and Military University.

As time passed by, everything made sense.

Chambord’s strength grew, the wealth of the nation increased, various beliefs were turned into policies and implemented, and the fruits of basic education gradually showed.

In the beginning, many people didn’t understand the king. But as time passed, they all devoted themselves to it. The importance that the officials of Chambord placed on education far surpassed the officials in other empires; they were almost ahead by one full era.

In just two years, Chambord completed its education system. Everything was stabilized and placed in the system nicely, and the structure was set from primary education to advanced education to professional education.

Right now, Chambord had 40 elementary schools, 20 middle schools, high schools, professional colleges, military academies, and four universities. With these schools in place, they continuously created all types of talents for the nation. In the recent 1,000 years of human history, no kingdom or empire had as many great talents as Chambord had in these two years. Also, there was no place on this continent except for Chambord that valued so many people with poor family backgrounds and offered them opportunities to rise.

For many people in the Zenit Empire, if they were willing to work hard, they could come to this magical kingdom and obtain a skillset that could allow them to survive on this continent ruled by the law of the jungle. Learning was no longer the privilege of the nobles.

Also, under Fei’s insistence, Chambord didn’t keep to themselves. Instead, they opened the doors to other forces and accepted international students.

In the beginning, only the nobles and wealthy merchants of other affiliated kingdoms of Zenit sent their kids to Chambord to study; they saw this as a way to show the King of Chambord their friendliness and didn’t hope to get much from it.

However, when they saw that their kids who were average in their eyes become ‘geniuses’ in different fields, they realized that they had gotten much more than they had ever imagined.

Later on, almost all the nobles inside the Zenit Empire tried to send their kids to Chambord for school, and they saw it as a great honor. Gradually, Chambord’s schools became the prime incubator of talents in the empire.

In the end, the nobles and merchants in other empires heard of this and sent their kids to study in Chambord from thousands of kilometers away.

Chambord was never kind toward rich people; the tuition for the schools in Chambord were exceptionally high.

However, Chambord’s attitude toward poor people was completely different. As long as they demonstrated a strong desire to learn, they could study there for free.

‘King Scholarship’, ‘Bast Scholarship’, ‘Brook Scholarship’, ‘Drogba Scholarship’, ‘Cultivation Scholarship’, ‘Magic Scholarship’, ‘Potion Maker Scholarship’, ‘Tailor Jenny Scholarship’, ‘Military Scholarship’, ‘Soros Outstanding Merchant Talent Scholarship’…

The famous people of Chambord and the merchant groups sponsored all kinds of scholarships. As long as someone was talented, regardless of their family backgrounds, they could get many awards and become rich just like that.

Out of all the scholarships, the King Scholarship was the supreme honor that many students desired.

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