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Hail the King Chapter 962.2

Chapter 962: Chambord’s Education System (Part Two)

This scholarship was personally sponsored by the King of Chambord, Imperial Martial Saint of Zenit, and Human Emperor of the North. There was only one spot per semester per school. On top of getting a lot of physical resources and wealth, the recipients could meet His Majesty and receive personalized advice.

The effect that Chambord’s open education system had in the region was immeasurable.

This was why Fei was cunning.

In many cases, the terrifying power of education wasn’t only in the development of talent and the supply of fresh blood into the nation; it was also the subtle art of ‘brainwashing’.

About one year ago, a course named ‘Political Thought’ was incorporated into the curriculum in every single school in Chambord. This theory course seemed useless, but it promoted some strange points of views and perspectives.

It was heard that the king had written all the course material.

As a result, the young nobles and talented young people were subtly ‘brainwashed’ by their idol, the King of Chambord. These people from the various affiliated kingdoms, nearby empires, and merchant groups admired heroes, and they were all young and accepted new points of views and ideas much more easily. The king successfully influenced them while they were still malleable.

After they finished their studies at Chambord and went back to their forces, they would subconsciously use what Fei taught them and treat those principles as their own, becoming the natural allies of Chambord.

Right now, Chambord City was like a radiation source, emitting energy to the surroundings and silently changing many people in the region. It was creating a unique cultural circle in the Northern Region of Azeroth.

Perhaps some people would be displeased and resist later on, but it would be too late then.

All of this was the fruit of Fei’s meticulous plan from two years ago.

About six days after the king came back to Chambord, he observed in secret and concluded this. Without a doubt, the king was very excited. It felt like an inexperienced gardener copied someone else’s success formula and achieved perfect, unexpected results, creating a garden that was beyond exceptional.

Fei had been back at Chambord City for almost a week.

He didn’t rush to the Capital of Anji to ask Akara and Cain about the progress in decoding the mysteries inside that sealed space. He knew that it was going to be a long project.

Although the two mad scientists were sharp and intelligent, the sealed space was the masterpiece of at last a godly-king-level master from the Mythical Era, and it was many levels beyond people’s current knowledge. Therefore, this project had to be taken slowly.

In the last seven days, Fei had been teaching the university students and soldiers of Chambord in the underground cave which was known as the [City of Heroes].

Due to the incident with the Anji Empire, the class that Fei taught was quite behind, so he had to make up the difference when he had time.

Right now, many military departments and training grounds were still in the maze-like city in the underground cave beside the school. However, the most confidential and secretive departments were already moved to Sky Castle that was much safer, and the [City of Heroes] gradually dropped in importance and became a lower-level confidential center.

Aside from teaching, Fei spent a lot of time on studying [Demon King’s Wisdom] and [Demon King’s Sword].

Of course, the king never stopped going into Diablo World to kill monsters and level up and training his spirit energy.

One day, Fei finally achieved something, and he laughed hysterically.

Then, he ordered a guard to summon the busy Military Leader Brook.

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